Brock Lesnar Might Drop the Title Sooner Than You Think!

While I was actively boycotting Crown Jewel and refused to watch it, imagine my utter horror when I found out Brock Lesnar recaptured the title at the pay-per-view event. It looked something like this.

When Will Brock Lesnar Drop It?

One of the first questions I asked myself was this one – when will he drop it? I honestly cannot cope with another lengthy Lesnar reign, considering how poor his last one went. Fortunately, Lesnar may drop the title sooner than we think.

While Brock Lesnar did leave Saudi Arabia as the WWE Universal Champion, Lesnar is expected to drop the title shortly after Survivor Series.

Joe Peisich fromĀ Barnburner’s No Holds BarredĀ podcast claims that Lesnar only has a contract for two more matches. One of them is booked at Survivor Series. It is believed his second match could be the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania, where he loses it to Braun Strowman. However, if the WWE is planning on stretching his title reign for such a considerable amount of time, we might have an inactive champion once more.

Lesnar? Seriously?

Out of all the people the WWE could have selected to be the new champion, they pick no-match Lesnar. They might as well put the title on an animated vegetable, which would be a lot more entertaining than the Beast who only comes out of his cage every now and again.

There is no doubt in my mind that Strowman could have carried that title and defended it well. Even if the WWE is having some plans with Strowman – preventing him from grabbing the title now – there are a bunch of people on the RAW roster that could have made good champions.

One of the people that would have been on my shortlist is Bobby Lashley. Yes, he is not part of the newer and younger talent, but he has the experience to carry the title for some time. You could even have the current RAW general manager take the title. Even Baron Corbin would make a more interesting champion than Lesnar.

No people, once again the WWE has shown it cares little about its existing fan base. The mindless management machine behind the scenes is so out of touch with its crowd, the WWE is heading into a direction I am not sure they will recover from.

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