WWE Crown Jewel Will Be a Disaster!

I was not the biggest fan of the upcoming pay-per-view Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia to begin with and it seems many of my fellow wrestling reporters are agreeing with me. Even the prominent wrestling website WhatCulture listed their reasons for believing the upcoming pay-per-view will be a disaster.

As for the reasons why Crown Jewel is going to be a disaster, the recent political nightmare involving the disappearance of a Saudi journalist is only the tip of the iceberg, albeit a serious tip! Here are some of the other reasons why nobody should watch Crown Jewel!

Double Standards

I am sick an tired of the double standards of the WWE. They claim they are the biggest supporters of the women’s revolution, yet the women are rewarded with a “pity” pay-per-view, shortly followed by another sausage fest in Saudi Arabia. How can you claim to be for women’s wrestling and giving them an equal footing, yet support a country such as Saudi Arabia that will not let them wrestle.

It is not just one pay-per-view in Saudi each year, as was originally believed. No, we have to deal with several. As a member of WWE management, how do you justify this to your female relatives, your children, your wives? Buy them something nice from your huge paycheck? Disgusting!

Ulterior Motives for WWE Pay-Per-Views

If you are somewhat informed about the political situation in Saudi Arabia, you already know there is quite some political unrest in the country at the moment. Aside from the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the country is coming down on political dissent. Shows such as the WWE were pulled in as so-called “cultural nourishment”.

While Saudi is trying to get its people back in line, WWE’s loyal fan base is becoming more uneasy about the situation. It was not ideal to start with and now, with the disappearance of Jamal, many fans (including myself) are calling for a boycott of the event.

Venue Downgrade

The news broke last week that the WWE was forced to downgrade the venue for Crown Jewel. According to the wrestling giant, construction works in the original venue were to blame. But, let’s look at the figures here.

When looking at the original venue, there were seats for approximately 68,000 people. The new venue only has 25,000. If your ticket sales went well, you would not be able to downgrade to a venue with such an astronomical decrease in seats, unless you pay back tickets for fans who already bought them. As far as I know, no massive refunds have been announced by the WWE.

Ethical Bankruptcy

Ignore the poor card, the Brock Lesnar match, and all the other things that are absolutely bad regarding this upcoming pay-per-view, nobody can deny that Crown Jewel is the utmost form of ethical bankruptcy. The company is making millions on the deal, but at what cost?

The WWE going to Saudi Arabia in the first place had little to do with fans, but everything with political statements. The deal was made to put a cultural veil of entertainment over the problems in Saudi Arabia, and WWE management is more than willing to fill their coffers.

These events are not for the people. Remember the Greatest Royal Rumble where the best seats were filled with important dignitaries who could not give a rat’s behind about the show being put on. Most people who would enjoy these events cannot afford the astronomical cost of a seat, so why are we even watching this joke?

Enough is enough in my opinion. You can be a wrestling fan and enjoy it. But can you honestly watch and support a wrestling show that is accompanied by so much darkness and controversy. I won’t watch it. I’m sure I’m not gonna miss anything important. I’ll sleep soundly on the evening of November 2nd.

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