Famous Wrestlers Dress Up for Halloween (PHOTOS)

Everyone loves Halloween, including some of the world’s most famous wrestlers. Today, we look at some wacky and entertaining outfits, courtesy of WhatCulture

The New Day were hyped for Halloween with pumpkins and skeletons. (See above)

The Rock Likes His Spinach

The Rock

If there would be a real-life person that resembles Popeye, it would have to be Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. The bulging muscles and bald head certainly do the character justice.

When Someone Wears Your Outfit

The Miz and Torrie Wilson had a dress-code coordination problem at one point, leading them to wearing the same outfit! Both improvising as the Hulk, we wonder who makes the most convincing one?

The Prize for Scariest Outfit Goes To?

You may not recognize him, but the scary dude in the photograph is none other than Kalisto. If I were to encounter him like this, I would do a quick “Lucha” for distraction purposes and run for the hills!

Awwww! Cute!

Matt Hardy

Most people take the scary route on Halloween, but Matt Hardy and his adorable family chose something a little more cute. All I can say is: “It’s WONDERFUL.”

Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly

A lot of women out there don’t like Kelly Kelly, mainly because she is so stunningly beautiful. As a woman myself, I hate the fact she makes such a stunning Harley Quinn. I could not pull this outfit off after a two month fasting diet! Perfection!

It’s Goldust! No, Wait!


Quickly browsing through the Halloween photographs, we thought Goldust dressed up as himself. However, under closer inspection, Goldust appeared to be none other than Alexa Bliss. Talk about an original Halloween outfit!

Cathy Kelly Is Princess Leia

Cathy Kelly

Princes Leia has been the fantasy of many men following the Star Wars franchise. Still, Natalie Portman will have some serious competition, as WWE’s own Cathy Kelly decided to take on the role for Halloween. Our kind of princess!

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