Batista Return Date Confirmed!

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the return of Batista, including myself, there is some fantastic news. The WWE has officially confirmed his return! Here are the details and must-knows!

SmackDown 1000

Official WWE channels have confirmed Batista will return for SmackDown’s 1000th episode. However, the legend is not returning alone, because Evolution (the faction) will be returning too. So, Batista will be making his triumphant return alongside Rick Flair, Triple H, and Randy Orton.

Batista’s return is reason enough to be excited but just think about the reunion of Evolution for a section. The extremely popular faction has a combined title reign count of 49, making them one of the most imposing factions to ever grace the WWE ring.

Since the Shield beat Evolution during a six-man tag team match, there could be something with the Shield in the works, despite the fact that faction is on Raw. Of course, then Evolution member Triple H was responsible for Seth’s heel turn, so there are a lot of ways this reunion could go.

Batista Wants to Wrestle a Full Schedule

Unlike some other veterans who I won’t name today, Batista wants to wrestle a full schedule. He has clearly missed his time in the ring, despite receiving a rather lukewarm welcome for the WWE Universe during his last return.

Batista is currently 49, so he has a couple more years in the ring if we could be so lucky. Of course, he is also set for the Hall of Fame, so maybe this is his final run before his induction?

As for opponents, there are tons of people who I would like to see against Batista. Below are my top picks! I wonder if you agree?

Rey Mysterio

Mysterio and Batista are best friends in real life, but that does not mean we cannot see a match between the pair. In fact, Mysterio has already signed his WWE contract and his return is also imminent. So, a match between the pair could be in the cards.

I must mention that Batista and Mysterio have faced each other before, and put on some amazing shows. They even had some great matches as a tag team? Why not repeat this success?

AJ Styles

When you mention a match on SmackDown, you cannot ignore AJ Styles as an opponent. A solid wrestler with excellent technical abilities will take Batista to the limit. I have no doubt this could become an instant classic.

Fact, Batista and Styles have genuine beef. After an interview with the Sun, he questions AJ’s wrestling style. Naturally, this did not go down well. Time for a wrestling feud guys?

Shinsuke Nakamura

I would love a match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Batista, because this match could be the most creative yet. Nakamura has quite a unique take on wrestling with his wrestling moves, so I would love to see what he would do against a powerhouse such as Batista.

Drew McIntyre

Ignore the detail that is brand at the moment and imagine a match between Drew McIntyre and Batista. Yes, he may not have been on the RAW roster for that long, but Drew McIntyre is a veteran in his own right. He has finally got a successful character and is quite versatile in the ring. I would love to see what the Scottish Psychopath does against the imposing Batista!