Here Are Five Massive Stars Returning To WWE Soon

Rumors and speculation are doing overtime in the WWE Universe these days. With two massive shows coming up in Australia and Saudi Arabia, some big superstars are expected to make their return.

Five superstars have sparked more rumors than any other, so it is about time we provide you with an overview of the five people who are most likely to make their triumphant return this year.

The Rock

The biggest name on the list without a doubt, and a big possibility for the next WrestleMania. Even though he missed the last one, the Rock’s putting his name on fire during his last appearance is still one of the most memorable moments.

During a recent interview, the Rock said he could not wait to be back in the WWE. Thus, it is not an “if” question anymore, but a “when.” Better book those tickets now!

Shawn Michaels


Well, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. There is another feud being built up between Taker and Michaels, leaving some unfinished business open since Michaels was forced to retire after losing a match to taker at WrestleMania. The match is expected to take place in Saudi Arabia.

Rey Mysterio

Another return we can report with absolute certainty is that of Rey Mysterio. He has signed another contract with the WWE, which is reportedly for two years. But much like the previously mentioned veterans, his return date is still in question.

Early reports seemed to indicate Mysterio would make a comeback in November. Whether that is in line with a pay-per-view or during SmackDown or RAW, nobody knows. Rey could also come back sooner, although it is guesswork at this point since nobody knows his start date.


Batista has been eager to make a return to the WWE, despite having quite a bit of success in Hollywood. He also encountered some problems with Disney after the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was taken down after the public firing of writer and director James Gunn. Batista has been quite vocal about it himself, making a return likely.

The mainstream fame of Batista could be quite appealing for the WWE at this point, so Vince might be considering putting megastar Batista on the roster for a period. Batista also spoke out about his desire for one more run. Of course, with best friend Rey Mysterio even on the roster, it could make for some astounding TV.

Kurt Angle

Kurt has been away for some time, but not forever. While the WWE Hall of Famer is currently on hiatus, the speculation goes he will be appearing during Survivor Series when the RAW brand is pitted against SmackDown.

Being temporarily released from his role as the general manager on RAW, putting Angle on the SmackDown team could make the Survivor Series feud more interesting. Of course, he could end up on the RAW team as reinforcements. Who knows? I cannot wait to find out.

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