Shawn Michaels Is Setting Up An Epic Return To The Ring

Oh, the good old days where veterans did a good promotion for their upcoming mega matches! Fans of the Shawn Michaels Heartbreak Kid, pay close attention because the WWE veteran is scheduled for another RAW appearance before the Super Show-Down in Australia.

Scheduled to Appear Next Week

Shawn Michaels is scheduled to appear on RAW next week, which takes place in the Key Arena in Seattle. As expected, Shawn should be promoting his upcoming involvement in the Triple H versus the Undertaker match at Australia’s Super Show-Down.

Since his return to the WWE promotional ring, many fans have been speculating about a possible return for the Heartbreak Kid. For those of you that did not know, Shawn Michaels was forced to retire after a match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania. He stated if he could not beat Taker, he would retire. He ended up losing the fight and retiring from professional wrestling. So, the latest developments in the promotion for Super Show-Down has been exciting.

While the match takes place between Triple H and the Undertaker, fans have been more interested in what is going on between Shawn Michaels and Taker. It could easily overshadow the storyline for Super Show-Down, especially since Triple H only gave a limited promo for the event.

Will Shawn Get Involved in the Match? Is He Coming Out of Retirement?

Those are the golden questions everyone is asking at the moment. There is a lot of speculation, especially since the WWE has been teasing a Shawn Michaels return from retirement unlike any other. There is speculation going around if Shawn Michaels will come out of retirement or not.

Taker and Michaels may be setting up for a veteran match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel. During a segment on RAW, Michaels mentioned he turned down millions of dollars to return. However, with the Saudi event coming up, it could mean a massive payday for Shawn. The Undertaker more or less gave his permission for a return as well, which makes an upcoming match between the pair more likely.

If the match does take place in Saudi, I will be a little disappointed. It seems Saudi is getting all the good wrestling matches since it was announced the WWE signed a multi-million dollar deal with them, even though everyone in the Greatest Royal Rumble seats looked incredibly bored. We have waited years for Shawn Michaels to return, but they are willing to pull all the stops out for a country that does not allow women to wrestle? Call me jaded, but that’s too much business too little home fan loyalty if you ask me. Anyway, if it does take place in Saudi, I want a Lita versus Trish match to make up for it.

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