The Bella Twins Get Amazing News!

Despite rumors of dropping viewer ratings, Total Bellas is doing better than ever! In fact, E! decided to renew the show for another season and I cannot wait for what the new season has in store! We break down the announcement plus what we’re hoping to see in the new season.


Considering the troubles between Nikki and John Cena, it is likely we will not see much of the WWE wrestler in the season. Of course, that does leave me wondering what the next season will be about. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

1. The Bellas Continue Their Brand

One of the things I’m quite certain of for the new season is that the Bella twins will continue expanding their brand. I believe we will get to see more of them as businesswomen and how they promote their brand to make it even better.

Let’s face it, the Bella Twins have turned their hand at almost everything. They have their own wine, a clothing line (which I’m subscribed to by the way) and a bunch of other projects in the pipeline. They even have a book release coming up in January 2019. So, I would not be surprised if the Bellas come up with another project.

2. John Cena Reunion

After calling their wedding off in April, followed by lots of doubt about their relationship status, I don’t believe we have seen the last of John Cena and Nikki’s relationship. I do believe there will be some Cena references, if not a possible reunion in the new season. However, we must mention that Nikki has confirmed she and John Cena have officially split up. Still, she has said she has hope for her relationship. So, it’s not done I think.


3. Nikki Goes on Dates?

If Nikki does decide to move on from John Cena permanently, it could mean some potential dates in the future. Even though I’m a big believer that Cena and Nikki aren’t done, Nikki going on some dates could be a storyline for the new season.

4. More Cute Brie, Bryan, and Birdie Moments

One of the things I look forward to the most about the new season is more cute moments provided by Brie, Bryan, and Birdie. They are such a delightful family and they are so fun to watch together.

5. Second Child for Brie?

I would not be surprised if Brie and Bryan expand their family a little more. Therefore, the new season could mean a second pregnancy for Brie. It would certainly be cool to see another cute addition to their family.

Of course, with Brie Bella being so busy with her business ventures, another child might not be in the cards in the next season. However, Brie has managed perfectly well with Birdie, so maybe it is not just wishful thinking to see another little addition to the Bella family.

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