The Miz Torches Daniel Bryan In E! News Interview

The Miz recently cut another fire promo on longtime rival Daniel Bryan, this time during an E! News interview.

The Miz and Maryse appeared on the E! Network Monday to promote their new reality show, “Miz and Mrs.” – but talk inevitably turned to the slow-burning feud between Miz and Bryan. Miz dealt Bryan a few backhanded compliments, calling him “endearing” and “one of the best WWE in-ring performers four years ago,” before launching into a passionate tirade about what kicked this whole feud off in the first place: their infamous confrontation on “Talking Smack.”

“And if you remember ‘Talking Smack,’ Daniel Bryan is the one who started everything. He said I have a soft style of wrestling, and he called me a coward. By the way, let me show you a coward. A coward is not a person that goes right to your face and tells you exactly how it is. A coward is a person that turns around and walks away. Daniel Bryan’s talking about fighting for his dreams? Was he fighting for his dreams that day on ‘Talking Smack’ when he walked out? No. He walked out not only on me, but everybody.”

Watch The Miz’s entire tirade below. It’s worth it, particularly when he brings up his grievances about the online reaction to his mentoring Bryan in the former iteration of NXT.

If that doesn’t make you want The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan right now, I don’t know what to tell you.

But besides creating buzz for their upcoming feud, this segment is also further proof that The Miz is the best in the business at the “shoot” promo. I challenge you to find anyone who’s better at blurring storyline with reality than him. Sure, CM Punk had that one “pipe bomb” that fans still celebrate today, but The Miz is constantly churning out gold like the segment above. And is it any wonder? Remember: he was a cast member on “The Real World” before he was ever a WWE Superstar.

As of this writing, The Miz and Daniel Bryan don’t have a match set for SummerSlam on August 18th. But if WWE is smart, they’ll book that match ASAP.

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