IMPACT Star Accuses WWE Star Of Stealing Her Gimmick

During a recent interview with Fightful, IMPAXCT’s Kiera Hogan accused WWE’s Ember Moon of stealing her gimmick. According to Kiera, Ember stole her “fire” gimmick. Are these accusations legit or just sour grapes? We investigate.

Kiera’s Claims

Kiera Hogan claims Ember stole her gimmick at a 2015 WWE tryout, when she pitched the idea to the WWE. Even though Hogan was not signed, Ember was signed not too long after. Here’s what Kiera had to say:

“but in the end it is negative, because it’s something that I did first. Something that I brought to my company first. She debuted it at NXT Takeover Mania weekend. I saw her come out and my heart literally dropped. I knew what was coming after that. I got tweets, DMs, saying ‘You’re the ripoff version, you’re the cheap version of Ember Moon.’ Because she’s taken something that I’ve worked so hard to make my own, now I’m the ripoff version.”

In my humble opinion, I think these things must be taken with a severe pinch of salt. Ember has made the character her own, even if she did use the idea from Kiera Hogan as she claims. It is one thing to take an idea, but it is another to work out a character and be successful with it. That is precisely what Ember has done.

Am I convinced either way if she stole the gimmick? No, because at the end of the day, it was an idea she pitched at the WWE. She did not have a creative license for that character. All we have is her word.

I would like to stress that I think Kiera Hogan is an impressive and talented wrestler. I’m still surprised she did not get signed by the WWE, but I’m sure she will in time.

Other Alleged Gimmick Stealers

“Stole my gimmick” is a popular phrase in the wrestling world, so Kiera is not the only one who accused a WWE star of stealing their gimmick. Here are some other alleged gimmick steals.

The Ascension

I mention them with good reason, because the first thing tag team I thought about when they made their debut were the Road Warriors. So, I do believe their gimmick is heavily based on them.

Dolph Ziggler

No offence to Dolph, but if Billy Gunn and Shawn Michaels had a baby, it probably would be Dolph Ziggler. His character is undoubtedly inspired on the both of them and Ziggler still uses some of Michaels’ moves in the ring.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Miz fan and the man worked incredibly hard where he is today. He has his own character without a doubt, but some believe he based his character on Chris Jericho.

While I can see some similarities where mic work is concerned, Miz has developed his character a lot further over the years. In all honesty, he is his own entity (ignoring the ‘yes’ kicks).

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