Former Champion Wants To Return To WWE – But Should He?

Alberto Del Rio

One man I did not believe would ever return to the WWE was Alberto Del Rio. Unfortunately, it seems I was wrong since Del Rio recently stated his interest in returning to the promotion. Even though it is unlikely the WWE will ever take the disgraced Mexican wrestler back, stranger things have happened.

“I Will Be Back One Day”

Despite having a reputation for his drunken and inflammatory interviews, Del Rio has been silent recently. But in an interview with The Roman Show Del Rio brought up the possibility of a WWE return.

During the interview, Alberto El Patron (formerly known as Del Rio), stated he would love to return to the WWE before he retires.

“I’ll return to have a final run. Maybe I’ll be able to work with all those wrestlers I used to work with in that company.”

Del Rio mentioned he would like to face Rey Mysterio Jr, Dolph Ziggler, and Ken Anderson if he were to return. He also noted he has a good relationship with Vince McMahon.

It’s a Horrible Idea

Bringing Alberto Del Rio back into the WWE is the worst idea I have ever heard! You might as well give a WWE contract to a ten-year-old with a propensity for swearing.

Alberto El Patron has done nothing but bring shame to the WWE. Del Rio’s actions did not change my opinion of WWE but did change my opinion of him.

Yes, not all wrestlers are friendly people. However, when it comes to Alberto, his personality affects his wrestling and brand. I asked myself the question if I would like to see Del Rio in the WWE again, and my answer was a quick no.

Even though Del Rio has verbally attacked Triple H and also challenged Xavier Woods to a real-life fight, both parties are not known to carry grudges on a business perspective. Unfortunately, this is how men like Del Rio get opportunity after opportunity, only to throw their toys out of the pram when they do not get the run they envisioned. Unless Del Rio proves himself to be reliable on the indie circuit, I say good riddance. He would have to do a lot to convince anyone he is worthy of a final WWE run.

Del Rio is not worth the hassle he brings. He is addicted to attention and doesn’t give a hoot about anyone else. There are other wrestlers with such characteristics, but at least they behave in a professional manner becoming of a wrestler.

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