New Del Rio Rant Endangers Paige’s Career Further!

Our readers recently saw some of Del Rio’s rants, aimed at Triple H and WWE. Del Rio is far from done though because a brand new rant just came to light. Unfortunately, Paige made the unfortunate decision to share it on her twitter page.

The New Rant

Even though I’m getting sick and tired of Del Rio’s stupid, drunken behavior, our readers need to stay informed! I’m a big Paige fan, so seeing her decline further with the help of this “man” is incredibly frustrating.

In the latest of many rants, Del Rio appeared drunk and referred to Triple H as a pu***. He also said he has a big nose and no balls, so we can imagine WWE is not too happy about this. He also gave a general “go f*ck yourselves” to people who voiced their concerns about their relationship. Then he finished his “opinion” with another shot at Triple H saying: “You just marry well and you’re a pu***.

While the man can have an opinion, this is getting beyond ridiculous. As I stated before, it looks like Paige wants to lose her contract at this point, but if she wants to keep it, she needs to keep this stuff off her social media.

Del Rio and Paige Snubbed on WWE Media

Del Rio’s rants seem to have had an influence on Paige’s career already. Even though the former Diva’s champion was featured in Total Divas, both Del Rio and Paige are snubbed on the official website of Total Divas and on WWE social media. The Total Divas gallery does not contain any pictures of the couples either, but they are featured on E! network, which is totally independent of WWE.

My View

Paige hasn’t made any statements, so the question is should she be punished for the outbursts of this “man”? Every time Del Rio was caught making a less than flattering statement in the direction of the WWE, it has been put on social media; this includes Paige’s social media! Therefore, she is more likely than not supporting everything her man is saying.

I’ve already voiced my opinion on the situation in one of my previous articles. I genuinely don’t care they are together, as long as they’re happy. However, if you love someone, you don’t endanger their career by constantly ranting about the company she is still working for. Del Rio has his own agenda, but claims in his rants he is defending his wife. I just hope Paige opens her eyes to reality and the consequences this reality could have for her before it’s too late (if it already isn’t too late).

I am still hoping for Paige to return to the ring, whether it is WWE or not. However, these rants are not doing her career any favors. While Del Rio and Paige may be in good graces with Impact Wrestling, their attitude is undoubtedly starting to influence the opinion of other wrestling promoters. Paige is still young, but it does not mean she won’t be held accountable for this mess later on. They may be talked about at this point and hit the headlines of every news wrestling website, but there is a point where people check out. I certainly have.

What’s your view on this latest rant?