Can Daniel Bryan Finally Shut The Miz Up At SummerSlam?

One of the most anticipated matches of the year is finally happening and at Summerslam no less! Daniel Bryan takes on his former ‘mentor’ the Miz, and it is going to be great! Still, this match could go either way, so what do our experts think?


This is honestly my personal main event match because I have been looking forward to these two locking horns. Both wrestlers have a passion for wrestling that is rare these days, even in a big wrestling promotion such as the WWE.

Both Miz and Daniel Bryan have passion by the bucket load, so my expectations are high for this match. Both are also reality TV stars, which means the WWE needs exposure for both of them. So, I don’t believe either of them has a leg up on the other in that regard.

Honestly, I do not think one match is enough for these two. I want a win for both of them! I cannot choose, because it makes my heart hurt (no joke). There is so much respect for Daniel and Mike on my end, since both live and breathe wrestling. They are both very nice people as well, so even on a personal level, I cannot decide.

Since I want this feud to continue for months to come, and I am obligated to make a decision, I would say give the win to Miz. With Miz winning, the pair can continue their rivalry, because I’m sure that the Miz will hold that win over Daniel Bryan’s head. It could even lead to a Hell in a Cell or even a main event WrestleMania match. Oh, the possibilities!


I’ll keep this brief. There’s no way a feud of this intensity can possibly end with just one match, and for that reason, The Miz will win. Period.


I have to agree with the majority here, the magic these two can make together deserves more than one match, and Daniel Bryan winning would put a real damper on that possibility. Expect The Miz to win – I mean, he’s also the star of his own reality show at this point – and expect Bryan to be chasing him for months to come.

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