Jinder Mahal is one of the most talked about WWE superstars. Wherever he goes, controversy does tend to follow him. Whether it is about his sudden physical transformation or a heelish championship win, the Universe always has an opinion on Mahal. Of course, there are still some things fans do not know, so here is an overview with five facts you must know!

1. He Learned Punjabi Before English

Everyone knows Jinder Mahal was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Of course, he is of Punjabi decent, so it is no surprise he learned to speak Punjabi before he learned to speak English. Mahal is also fluent in Hindi. Naturally, the additional languages he speaks have helped him build his character.

2. He Tried Out for the WWE At Age 23

Most wrestlers who try out for the WWE at a young age do not get accepted, just ask AJ Styles, who spent years in the indies until he made his way to the WWE roster. The same applied to Jinder Mahal since he was rejected after his first WWE try-out.

Mahal would try out for the WWE again, but the second time he tried out for Florida Championship Wrestling, the then-developmental brand of the WWE. Using a Punjabi gimmick and a turban, the WWE signed him for their developmental brand.

3. His First Main Roster Feud Was Against the Great Khali

Mahal made his WWE television debut in 2011. He played an Indian aristocrat who bullied the Great Khali, which funnily enough is one of Mahal’s good friends in real life. After their feud, the Great Khali would return to help Mahal retain his title against Randy Orton during a Punjabi Prison Match.

4. He Was a Member of 3MB

Most of you won’t remember, but Jinder Mahal was a member of a heel group called 3MB, also known as the Three Man Band. The team consisted of Jinder Mahal, but also Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre.

Unfortunately, the 3MB gimmick did not hit off, and the group was resigned to jobber status. In June 2013, the group was officially disbanded, as Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre were both released from the WWE.

5. Mahal Found Vince McMahon Too Intimidating

Jinder Mahal has readily admitted that he avoided Vince McMahon whenever he could when he was part of the 3MB group. In an interview, he stated that he found Vince too intimidating. However, Mahal learned from his mistakes when Jinder returned to the WWE for the second time, after which he asked Vince for his feedback. Given the fact he gained a championship reign not long after, we are sure the input was received and used.