Hulk Hogan Officially Returns To WWE

After years of banishment due to leaked racist comments, Hulk Hogan has officially returned to the WWE. As part of the effort, the company reinstated Hogan to the WWE Hall of Fame. Hogan also flew up to Pittsburgh to address the WWE locker room before Extrem Rules. PWInsider has details on how Hogan’s meeting went.

Hogan spent a long time apologizing for what he said and for hurting others and embarrassing the company with his comments….We are told the talents gave Hogan a big reaction at the end and a number of them were shaking his hand and hugging him at the end of the meeting with Hogan getting very emotional.

The meeting was also recorded.

It doesn’t seem like all of the locker room was excited about Hogan’s return, Reddit user “birdo_is_canon” noticed Titus O’Neill subtly expressing his disappointment.

I don’t blame Titus. I’m uncomfortable with Hogan’s return. The spotlight on racism has never been higher. Titus has every right to feel that Hogan should be permanently banished. A simple apology is not enough to undo the damage he did, however.

Hogan also acknowledged the meeting on social media.

According to Sean Sapp and others, Hogan has officially re-signed with WWE. The details are not known. It may just be a “legends” contract allowing Hogan to serve as an ambassador.

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