WWE Superstars Support Their Favorite World Cup Teams! (PHOTOS)

The World Cup is taking place in Russia and even the WWE is jumping on the bandwagon. WWE superstars have lined up and took some “Beautiful Game” photos. The results are certainly brilliant. Here are some of our favorite pics.

Aussie Beauties

This is one of my favorite photos in the bunch, not only because it features the Iiconics, but also because it is a beautiful representation of friendship as well as country pride. Both women look radiant, and so they should because they have a big future ahead of them in the world of sports entertainment.

Mexican Mystery

Mysterious, fearless, and loads of power. Is there anyone better to support the Mexican soccer team than WWE’s Sin Cara? Now, we need a little more Sin Cara in the ring and everything will be okay!

Ravishing Russia

Ravishingly beautiful, Lana is the perfect WWE representative for Russia this year. She also had a brilliant match at Money in the Bank, hopefully silencing those doubters once and for all. One thing I am sure of, the WWE universe cannot get enough of Lana.

Beautiful Britain

There is only one person worthy of supporting England in the photo shoot and that is the anti-diva Paige. Even though Jack Gallagher and some other superstars took some pics as well, Paige certainly looks the most stunning. She certainly will not hurt the SmackDown Live ratings.

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