SmackDown Live General Manager and retired wrestler Paige was assaulted physically and verbally by a “fan” while driving away from the Money In The Bank PPV. According to the former Divas Champion’s Instagram story, a fan “pie-faced” Paige and then yelled at her to ‘Lose some weight.’ Paige shared the story while eating a sandwich and fries while wishing the ‘fan’ “Good Luck with your karma.”  Paige opened up about struggling with an eating disorder while out with injury and dealing with a sex tape leak last year.

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ProWrestlingSheet obtained video immediately following the incident. Including some jack-ass asking for a selfie IMMEDIATELY after it happened. Sheesh.

A Note On Fan Interaction With Wrestlers

I, personally, have a strict policy on interacting with wrestlers. Unless it is directly in the context of a wrestling show, I don’t do it. If I ever see a wrestler out in public, I try to avoid eye contact and at MOST I give them a knowing nod and move along. Wrestlers are entertainers, but they do not owe fans their lives. You have no right to tell them anything other than “I like you.”

If you think it is OK to critique a wrestler’s physical appearance to their face you are wrong. If you then strike a wrestler, you deserve to have your butt whipped. You also deserve to be arrested and thrown in jail.

I know they seem like “larger-than-life” superheroes and Superstars. But they’re actually human beings. Why not treat them as such?

Your Thoughts

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