A lot of things can go wrong during live TV shows, so it is certainly something the WWE encounters quite often. With Titus Worldslide becoming the latest point on the list, it is time to disclose the best epic fails of the WWE!

10. Shawn Michaels Gets Stuck on the Ramp


Having a nice outfit can make you stand out as a WWE superstar, but HBK probably had to rethink his wardrobe choices after a failed entrance! While HBK came down in style, part of his attire got stuck on the ramp, leading to an emergency attire change in front of the WWE universe.

9. R-Truth Messes Up Town Name

WWE superstars travel loads, so it is certainly not uncommon for them to mess up a town name here and there. Unfortunately, it happened to R-Truth, who believed he was in Green Bay when he was actually in Milwaukee.

8. Rope Slip

The ring can be a treacherous workplace; this was the case for Akeem during a tag team match with the Big Boss Man, Hulk Hogan, and Randy Savage.

While attempting a combo move, Akeem feel between the ropes. The botch was not intentional, making it that much funnier.

7. Lillian Garcia Falls Flat

Lillian is one of the sweetest people on the WWE roster and an amazing announcer. However, even perfect Lillian makes a mistake from time to time. One mistake saw her taking a dive on the entrance ramp. Fortunately, she did not get seriously injured. Her fall was not limited to a single one either, since Lillian has a love-hate relationship with the WWE entrance ramp!

6. Mean Gene Messes Up

When Mean Gene messes up, everyone knows about it! You can certainly tell when he starts swearing like a sailor. One of his botches came in 1989 and is still one of the funniest to date.

5. Psycho Sid Insults Himself

When you cut a promo, it is your intention to make yourself look good and not your opponent. Unfortunately, Psycho Sid messed up one of his promos, stating that his brain was half the size of his opponent’s. Ouch!

4. Rope Tumble

Some of the best botches in WWE history involve a rope tumble. Even Matt Hardy could not escape the WONDERFUL nature of the rope, toppling over it and leaving the WWE Universe in fits!

3. The Rock Loses His Sunglasses

The Rock and his sunglasses are often seen as one entity, except when they don’t want to stay on. It happened! Leading to one of the most memorable promo fails!

2. The Shockmaster

The Shockmaster was on the number one of this list for many years, but he has finally been toppled. The Shockmaster making his memorable debut by bursting through a wall, falling, and then losing his helmet is no longer the most memorable epic fail!

1. Titus Worldslide

Titus O’Neil’s fall during the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble is considered as one of the best moments in Rumble history. I cannot say disagree, because this fall was so hilarious, it certainly deserves the number one spot in this list.

Do you have an epic fail not mentioned in this list? Let us know in the comment section below!