R-Truth Getting His Own WWE Network Show?


Even though the Golden Truth has been in the background for a while, R-Truth is still a fan favorite! Recently, Ringside Intel discovered that R-Truth might be getting his own WWE Network Show! This is another reason why we should not drop the subscription just yet!

The R-Truth Game Show

According to numerous sources, R-Truth is getting his own game show, which will be featured on the WWE Network. While there are little details known about the game show’s format, sources have told us that the show could be airing as early as this summer!

Funny Truth

The strength of R-Truth has always been his great sense of humor, which is often noticeable during interactions with Goldust. While I hoped to see more of the “Golden Truth”, WWE only seems to use them as jobbers. I find this a real shame because their gimmick was hilarious in my eyes and should have been used more.

What Happens to Goldust?

Even though I’m looking forward to the possible new game show with R-Truth, I am left wondering what is going to happen to Goldust. If R-Truth moves on to doing this game show full-time, does this mean the Golden Truth is over?

The Golden Truth may have been on the back-burner for a while, but I do not believe people have forgotten about them. I certainly would like to see more of the duo, despite WWE’s efforts to bury them as jobbers or giving them very little TV time.

No matter which sketch or vignette they shoot, it is always funny. In my eyes, Goldust still shoots one of the best promo’s – at least when he gets the opportunity to shoot one!

What Does the Future Bring for the Golden Truth?

Even though R-Truth and Goldust are considered veterans at this point, I can still see them with the tag team titles – or at least playing a more active role in the WWE. The new game show with R-Truth could certainly fuel their popularity.

I believe the WWE has some plans for the Golden Truth in the future, otherwise what is the point in putting them in a contenders match? Of course, the WWE might see the pair as “filler” amongst other first contenders. Still, if the WWE wants the Golden Truth to die off over time, then they would not use them as an entity or shoot promos featuring them.


I think the new game show is a great opportunity for R-Truth, although I hope that the Golden Truth does not die because of it. Still, with the new game show coming on the WWE network, I might start using that subscription a bit more often than only watching the Pay-Per-Views with it.

I also need to make a confession. If this game show happens, I hope the “My Bad” gimmick is certainly used. I hate that they stopped using it in the first place, so maybe “this one’s one me” can return to WWE Television once again.

Are you excited for this new game show on the network?