What Was Bray Wyatt Doing In This Walmart?

Despite some bad press following his divorce and an alleged affair with WWE ring announcer Jojo, there is finally some good press for Bray Wyatt. The incident happened randomly though, which makes me start to like Bray Wyatt a little better again. Here is the story.

Finding Bray Wyatt at Walmart

Rob Schamberger, the artist who is behind all those remarkable watercolor illustrations sold at the WWE shop recently released this remarkable story.

A family member of Rob’s, who was not familiar with wrestling whatsoever, was looking for some of his merchandise at Walmart. However, she found herself lost.

Bray Wyatt took the time to sign the figurine for the lady in question, and also took a selfie with her. Always nice to see a WWE Superstar taking some time out of their schedule to make someone happy.


Honestly, it is nice to see Bray Wyatt getting some good press for a change. Things have not been that great for the WWE Superstar in the ring either, until the arrival of “woken Matt Hardy.” Still, with his wrestling career looking up again, and slowly restoring his reputation among wrestling fans, Bray Wyatt may find his way to the top again.

What do you think about this story?

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