WWE Confirms Samir Singh’s Injury

Observant WWE fans may have noticed an absence on the SmackDown roster, more specifically Samir Singh. Even though it was known that Samir Singh had surgery recently, the WWE has now officially confirmed Samir is suffering from an injury.

Torn ACL

According to various sources, including Samir Singh himself, Samir Singh suffered a torn ACL during the WWE United States Champion Match, which involved current champion Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal.

The WWE stayed remarkably quiet about his injury, but Samir took to Instagram to inform fans about his absence. Unfortunately, the recovery time for a torn ACL ranges between six to nine months. So, I am sure Samir could use some fan support right now.

Could Samir’s Injury Have Consequences for Jinder Mahal?

Even though the Singh Brothers were quite successful wrestlers on the indie circuit, the pair has mainly been performing a supporting role in the WWE. They have been in the corner of former champion Jinder Mahal, who is known to use some dirty tactics to get his titles.

Having both brothers at his side has played for the benefit of Jinder Mahal in the past, but what will be happening now that Samir is not at ringside due to his injury? Not having Samir there will undoubtedly have some impact on the storylines and even Mahal’s chances of regaining a championship.

Still, I must mention that the WWE has been booking Mahal rather strong. During the Royal Rumble, he made a strong impression as well, so the WWE might still be planning something with Mahal somewhere down the line.

If the WWE is planning to put the title on Mahal again, I would honestly wait until Samir is back. I would also make Mahal prove his worth in the ring more while building up his heel persona. Once Samir is back, Jinder Mahal as champion could make some sense.

Still, I must mention that I would love to see the Singh brothers on their own. They are good wrestlers, so I feel their talent is somewhat wasted at this moment providing valet duties for Jinder Mahal. I realize Mahal needs that boost still, but I hope the Singh Brothers can eventually fly out of the nest and make their mark in the tag team division.

Finally, on behalf of Ringside Intel, I would like to wish Samir Singh a speedy recovery. We hope to see you in the ring again soon! Take care of yourself!

Do you have anything to say to Samir Singh to motivate him during his recovery? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!