The Nine Best Female WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

It has been a good year for the female wrestling scene, which is indeed proven by the performers I’m about to mention. Who made it on my list? Read on to find out!


Still undefeated at the time of this article, the Empress of Tomorrow is undoubtedly worthy of a spot on this list. She also made her main roster debut in 2017, so I certainly expect great things from Asuka shortly.

Alexa Bliss

wwe draft

Alexa did not start as one of the most technically gifted female athletes, but she surely made some strides in 2017. She became a champion several times over but also became one of the first female wrestlers ever allowed to compete in the United Arab Emirates. She is still one of the most charismatic women on the RAW roster, so I keep expecting great things for her in 2018.


One female wrestler who already reached heights in her career other wrestlers can only dream of, but Charlotte is far from done. I believe she will become one of the best female wrestlers of all time. Some think she is already worthy of that title.

Ember Moon

kairi sane nxt women's championship

Ember Moon went from the woman who almost defeated the undefeated Empress to Tomorrow to the current leader of the NXT women’s roster. By finally winning the NXT women’s title in 2017, Ember has solidified her position in the company.


I was so happy when Naomi finally got her title in 2017 because let’s face it; there was nobody more deserving than her at the time. Not only did she reinvent herself with “Feel the Glow,” she showed everyone just how amazing she is in the ring!


Despite being in need of some additional character development, Natalya did get one of her best years in 2017. She became the SmackDown Women’s Champion but also developed her crazy cat lady persona. I look forward to Natalya working out this character even more because this persona is gold!

Kairi Sane

Winning the Mae Young Classic put Kairi on the map, but it is indeed no guarantee for success. However, she keeps on impressing us with a charismatic persona and lots of skill, so this will be one to watch in 2018 too!

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross has put down some tremendous performances this year, especially the one with Asuka! Even though she did not get the main roster upgrade I was hoping for, I am sure 2018 brings a draft for Nikki.

Mickie James

Mickie may be a veteran, but she certainly kept herself in the spotlight this year. She also put up some great matches and showed us that age has nothing to do with it. I hope Mickie decides to stay on for a long time to come.

Who are your favorite female wrestlers of 2017? Let us know in the comment section below!