WWE Superstars Give Back To The Community In Houston!

It has only been a couple of days since we mentioned the last charity involving a WWE Superstar. This past weekend while WWE was in Houston for Survivor Series, Superstars went out and helped in the community!

Building a Home

Many Houston residents have felt the effect of Hurricane Harvey. A lot of families have lost their home, so WWE Superstar Booker T and NXT Superstars Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins spent several hours working on a house for a family in need!

Helping at the Food Bank

WWE Superstars did more than helping to build a home, since AJ Styles and Mark Henry paid a visit to the Houston Food Bank. There was even some time for some competition since team Raw took on Team Smackdown to pack the most food boxes.

In addition to packing food boxes for families in need, the pair also received a tour of Houston’s Food Bank. The tour certainly proved insightful for both superstars, and of course the WWE Universe.


WWE Superstars also took time to help at Americares; this included Alicia Fox, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, and Sasha Banks. Even though they were in full preparation for their pay-per-view appearance, these superstars were more than happy to lend a hand.

Why Is This Important? Can’t They Donate Loads of Money?

Many people believe that the presence of WWE superstars comes down to the WWE wanting to get some free advertising. While this is true in some degree, superstars lending a hand for charity is extremely important. Not only does it provide the charity with some much-needed exposure, it also encourages others to help out too.

Most people are skeptical about celebrities and charities nowadays, which is a shame. I believe celebrities are an integral part of charities and their ability to provide for those in need.

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