Alicia Fox Finally Getting Pushed?

Ask many wrestling fans about the most underrated female talent on the current roster and they will tell you it is Alicia Fox. Fortunately, it seems the WWE is now giving Alicia Fox a chance again!

Veteran Alicia

While it is hard to believe for many wrestling fans, Alicia Fox has been with the WWE for a whopping ten years. She also had a serious influence on the divas’ revolution and the cruiserweight division, since her storyline with Noam Dar and Cedric Alexander enticed many people to tune in.

With a recent storyline involving a fine for Alicia Fox, it seems there is finally a story for Crazy Fox. It would be nice for Alicia to take some wins over the next couple of month. It would even be nicer if she could get the women’s title. However, with the arrival of Asuka on Raw, it does not seem in the cards.

Merchandise for Alicia

Despite being a veteran and a prominent woman on the roster, Alicia Fox never had her own merchandise until now; this is another sign that the WWE is pushing Foxy! I adore the T-shirt, to be honest, so I’ll be buying one! Fans must also consider that merchandise sales matter in the eyes of the management, so the more shirts she sells, the higher the chance Foxy will play a more prominent role in the women’s division.

Should Alicia Fox Go to SmackDown Live?

Since Asuka makes her debut on the Raw roster at TLC, it may be a good move for the WWE to put Alicia Fox on the SmackDown Live roster and make her a Women’s Champion. Like Natalya, a championship reign for Foxy has been long overdue.

Of course, Alicia Fox’s friend Paige is set to return to the WWE soon, which could certainly mean some interesting storylines if they end up on the same roster. Whatever the WWE’s plans are with Alicia, I certainly hope a title reign is in the cards for her.

Do you believe Foxy needs to play a more prominent role in the women’s division? Are you a fan of Crazy Foxy? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

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