The Wrestling Podcasts Everyone Should Listen To!

If you cannot get enough of wrestling, a good wrestling podcast might be enough to sate your appetite. Even though there are many podcasts to choose from, there are only a couple that are worth listening to. Here is my list of the best wrestling podcasts!

Steve and Larson Going in RAW

My favorite podcast of all available podcasts is undoubtedly Going in Raw, the Steve and Larson Podcast. You can count on this podcast to give you the latest wrestling news, but also some predictions for big pay-per-view!

One of the things that stands out with Going in RAW is the excellent dynamic between Steve and Larson. There is also room for humor, all while they provide you with an honest look on the wrestling scene. A true recommendation for any wrestling fan.

The Steve Austin Show


Oh hell yea! This list would not be complete without the Steve Austin Show! Given his status as one of the most beloved wrestlers ever to step foot in the squared circle, he easily gets access to some of the biggest names in the business, who are more than happy to go on his show.

The Steve Austin Show is not just about speaking to big wrestlers because he also provides us with his honest & professional opinion on current wrestling promotions, wrestling matches and much more. You can even discover a more personal side to the Texas Rattlesnake by listening to his podcasts!

Talk Is Jericho


An active wrestlers with an extremely popular podcast; this is how I would describe Talk Is Jericho. Statements made in his podcast has been used to report on recent topics; this includes the incident with Rosemary and Sexy Star. Nothing is off limits on the podcasts, so it is certainly worth listening to if you want an accurate picture on the current wrestling scene.

We also need to mention that Jericho does not limit himself to the WWE for his podcast, he also goes through the indies! So, if you are a die-hard wrestling fan who is interested in all things wrestling, Talk Is Jericho is the podcast for you!

The Ross Report


One of the most iconic wrestling commentators is undoubtedly Jim Ross. Unfortunately, we rarely get to enjoy his skills on WWE television anymore. Still, the commentator does have his own wrestling podcast, which is popular with wrestling fans and wrestlers alike.

In his podcast, Jim Ross usually covers some of the biggest news in the wrestling world. However, he also takes an honest look at current WWE superstars and the product delivered by the WWE. Even though he is still working for the WWE, it has never stopped him to criticize them and provide his listeners with his honest opinion. In short, a podcast you cannot afford to miss as a wrestling fan!

Have you listened to any of the podcasts mentioned here today? What is your favorite wrestling podcast? Post your favorite podcasts and your opinions in the comment section below!

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