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Chris Jericho is a multi-talented wrestler, musician, actor, and comedian. He’s tried just about everything in entertainment including Dancing With The Stars. But The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla is taking his biggest voyage yet. Literally.

Jericho announced today that next year he would host a five-day cruise filled with wrestling and rock music. The event is appropriately called “Chris Jericho’s Rock n Wrestling Rager At Sea, ” and while its existence is crazy enough, we dug a bit further into the details to find five facts that make us want to get on a boat with Jericho, his band, and a bunch of wrestlers.

5. Fozzy Concerts And Other Shows!

Of course, there will be some ROCKING AND ROLLING on the cruise. There will be THREE Fozzy Shows plus performances by Kyng, The Dives, comedian Jim Breuer and his band, all-female AC/DC tribute band SHOOT TO THRILL, and epic Black Sabbath tribute Blizzard of Ozzy.

4. Jim Ross will host all the festivities!

Jim Ross

Good Ol’JR will be the Master of Ceremonies for the Rockin’ cruise. I imagine Ross will be a guest on a few of the podcasts, and he might even commentate the “Sea of Honor” tournament. I hope one of the dinners feature his signature BBQ!

3. A BOATLOAD of Wrestling Podcasts!

Obviously “Talk is Jericho” will be live from the boat, but there will be a ton of other great wrestling podcasts recording LIVE on the cruise. “Killing The Town” hosted by Lance Storm and Cyrus and “Keeping It 100” starring Konnan will also be recorded LIVE on the boat!

Click next to see which promotion will be providing the wrestling PLUS all the LEGENDS who will be on the cruise!

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