Everything You Need to Know About NXT Superstar Asuka

It’s highly likely that Asuka will make the main roster soon, but not everyone is familiar with the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion.

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about this outstanding Japanese female wrestler.

Her Previous In-Ring Name Was Kana

facts about Asuka NXT

Before Asuka signed with the WWE, she used the ring name Kana. She made her professional wrestling debut on the June 16, 2004 at the female wrestling promotion AtoZ. Until her arrival in WWE many years later, Kana would make serious waves in the Japanese wrestling scene.

She’s A Graphic Designer

facts about Asuka NXT

Asuka, real name Urai Kanako, studied to be a graphic designer. However, she decided to pursue a career in wrestling. Surprisingly, she almost didn’t make it to the WWE, since she announced her retirement in 2006 due to chronic nephritis. She then opened her own graphic design agency, but would make a comeback to pro wrestling in 2007.

Urai graduated from the Osaka University of Arts Junior College. During her time as a graphic designer, she has written for Xbox Magazine and done some graphic design for Nintendo DS.

Asuka also seems to be a business women, because despite leaving her graphic design job, she still owns a hair salon in Yokohama called Another Heaven.

She Broke Goldberg’s Streak

Asuka took Goldberg’s undefeated streak, which was going strong at 173-0. She broke the record in May and is still undefeated today!

She’s 35 Years Old And Is Only 5’2″!

facts about Asuka NXT

Even though there is no age limit in NXT, Asuka is one of the older women on the brand. She was born in Osaka, Japan on September 26, 1981. She’s also one of the shortest, measuring only 5’2″.

Combination of Technical And Puroresu-Style


While many people would argue that Asuka is a technical wrestler, her in-ring abilities since her arrival at the WWE are clearly a mix between technical and Puroresu.

Technical wrestlers almost always have an amateur background. They’re familiar with Olympic wrestling styles and can apply numerous grappling holds and submissions. They also have no problems with high-flying moves.

Even though Asuka has excellent technical abilities, her Puroresu style comes through a lot during her matches. Puroresu is characterized by full contact martial arts strikes; this includes kicks, punches, take-downs, and submissions. These are all terms you could use to describe Asuka in the ring.

Since her arrival in the WWE, I did notice a little more showmanship in Asuka’s wrestling; she’s playing with the crowd a lot more lately. One thing is certain, the many different styles she is using certainly make Asuka one of the most interesting female wrestlers to watch.

Anything you know about Asuka that was not shared here? Are you looking forward to Asuka making her way to the main roster? If so, which brand would you like to see her on? Leave your replies in the comment section below and I’ll look forward to reading them!