Shelton Benjamin Wants To Undo One Racist WWE Memory

He's no longer with the company, but Shelton Benjamin wants to undo one bad WWE memory from his previous run.

Shelton Benjamin WWE Memory
Credit: wwe

He’s no longer with the company, but Shelton Benjamin wants to undo one bad racist WWE memory from his previous run.

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Often, when somone’s career winds down, they reflect on what they’ve done and accomplished. Other times, things come up in reflection when someone might be in between gigs. That second option is the case for Shelton Benjamin. The former WWE Superstar is currently in between gigs, and while there would be some interesting options for him, I do still want to see him return to WWE. I have my reasons.

But, he was recently had a chance to discuss something he did while in WWE which he wishes he had not. There is a social media account that posts to X, covering events that happened “on this day in WWE” a number of years ago. And on one recent posting, the owner of the account observed the anniversary of the debut of Yoshi Tatsu. The Superstar debuted against Shelton Benjamin, which prompted Benjamin to be racially insensitive to the debuting talent. For his insensitivity, he was kicked in the head and lost the match. But, years later, Benjamin has feelings about this.

Here’s the post:

Reflecting on the posting, Benjamin regrets engaging in the racial mistreatment. He may not regret losing the match to the debuting Yoshi Tatsu, but he does regret how things went down. But, he did not regret taking the kick to the head and the debut loss.

Shelton Benjamin WWE Memory
Credit: wwe

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To be fair, and this is in no way condoning things, but that was WWE (and WCW and ECW) back at that time. There are plenty of segments and a lot of scripts that would never see the light of day today because, well, times have changed. We will always find some promoter somewhere pushing the limits or just being tasteless. But, for the most part, this is an entire time period in WWE that was full of regrettable segments. So, while Shelton Benjamin is no longer in WWE, he can still have a bad memory. With any luck, maybe he will get a chance to make some new (and good) ones. So, thoughts on Shelton Benjamin hating WWE racist segment.

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