WWE And TKO Could Expand Unpopular Blood Money Deal With Saudi Arabia To Could Include Major PLE

In news not likely to make many happy, WWE and TKO could expand the already unpopular deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which could include a major PLE in the future.

WWE TKO Deal Saudi Arabia
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In news not likely to make many happy, WWE and TKO could expand the already unpopular deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which could include a major PLE in the future.

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Ever since it was announced, the extensive deal between WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been nothing if not polarizing. Many fans were unhappy given some of the Kingdom’s positions regarding social issues. Some saw it as a blood money deal, but at a time when WWE needed money, you could understand. The arrangement has certainly been interesting. We’ve heard stories of payment issues, with Superstars stranded on a plane in Saudi Arabia. Travel issues even gave us a great edition of main roster programming largely propped up by NXT Superstars.

But, as bad as some see the show, it’s not all bad. Women have had matches on several shows now, which is a big step forward for the country. And, like it or not, the relationship isn’t going anywhere. The shows do well locally if not globally. On top of that success, WWE’s new sister company-UFC-also has deals in place with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And now there are reports that the years long relationship could see WWE and TKO expand the unpopular deal. And what’s bigger is that KSA may be motivated to push for a major PLE.

The story so far


So far, WWE has created shows for the Saudi market. The Greatest Royal Rumble was a one-off, and should have never sullied the storied PLE title. Crown Jewel has done fine enough and was created specifically for that market. In recent years, we’ve seen Night of Champions hit the desert, and we have also seen WWE revive King of the Ring (and add in Queen, too). But that may not be enough. Word is, as the country looks to grow it’s deal with WWE, they will be asking to host a major PLE in upcoming years, with the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania specifically named.

On one hand, I don’t blame any city or country angling to host a major WWE event. Such big events are known to generate tourist traffic and revenue. But from a WWE perspective, I have to imagine this will be a tougher sell. While the company has been more open to hosting events outside of it’s traditional markets, some major premium live events seem almost unmovable. Backlash was just held in Lyon, France, to major rave reviews. But, no knock on the show, it is not a major PLE. The Rumble and WrestleMania are. Logistics would be a major factor, especially for the Showcase of the Immortals. WWE leverages a lot of staff and the stage is a huge undertaking. After having issues getting the Chamber down to Perth? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Still, WWE and TKO do like the big money deals. And as we’ve seen plenty of times before-like when the kingdom almost bought WWE-they have deep pockets. Could Saudi Arabia make WWE an offer for a future WrestleMania? So, should TKO expand their WWE deal in Saudi Arabia?

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