WWE Staff Reportedly Resented The Rock’s WrestleMania Return, Felt It Was Only Done To End Recent ‘Career Losing Streak’

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A new report claims many in WWE were resentful of The Rock making his return to the company to take a major spot at WrestleMania 40, in what some feel was an attempt to score a career win after recent business failures.

WrestleMania 40 will go down as a huge success for World Wrestling Entertainment. It scored record-breaking views, social media interest, and of course revenue. Without a doubt, The Rock making his return to the ring for the first time in a decade played a role in the event’s success. Due to his history in the company and mainstream popularity as a Hollywood star.

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However, it has been well documented that his original attention was to face his cousin Roman Reigns on night two of the event. But pushback from the fanbase, and reportedly inside WWE, forced a sudden change and a pivot back to the previous plan of Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns II.

There have been many rumors about what was going on behind the scenes when The Rock returned as a member of the TKO Group Holdings board of directors. On Wednesday, Wrestling Observer reporter Dave Meltzer added new layers to the speculation of a divide that was caused backstage by “The Great One’s” WWE comeback.

According to Meltzer, some staff felt the WWE legend was just riding the company’s coattails during a rise in popularity in “an attempt to turn around, kind of like a losing streak [in his career]. Young Rock got canceled. Some of his movies weren’t as successful as hoped for. WWE was an easy win.”

People within the promotion allegedly were also resentful toward The Rock for attempting to take some of the credit for wrestling being cool again. Ignoring the fact that WWE had been on a lengthy hot streak well before he made his comeback.

Some WWE staff reveled in the fact that The Rock’s night one WrestleMania headliner did not top night two

the rock

Meltzer also claims that a large amount of staff had no interest in a Rock vs. Reigns match, and there were “power plays” and “manipulation going on” behind the scenes to find a way to get Cody Rhodes — the preferred option — back in the night two main event.

While sources can’t deny The Rock’s involvement in the leadup to and at the event boosted its success, many took great satisfaction in the fact that the night two main event drew better than the night one headliner.

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“At the same time, Sunday was the climax. The idea that the match with The Rock and his return did not outdraw Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes; you can also make the argument that everyone knew that the Rock was going to be in that match too,” Meltzer added.

The WWE legend has had several movies that disappointed over the last few years, and he reportedly lost millions during his first season as one of the owners of the XFL.

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