CM Punk Continues To Angle For Another Match With The Rock?

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It seems that CM Punk’s promo during the March 25 edition of Monday Night Raw was not the only time he mentioned crossing paths with The Rock during his return to television in his hometown of Chicago.

For several weeks WWE hyped the return of CM Punk for this week’s edition of Raw. While he has not been medically cleared to compete, he still delivered for Windy City fans during a wild promo battle segment featuring him, World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins, and top contender Drew McIntyre.

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However, one of the interesting moments during the early parts of the segment saw the former AEW champion mention The Rock. While Dwayne Johnson had not said anything about him, Punk suggested his silence was a smart move to avoid having “to box with God,” like he once did when the two faced off for the WWE title in 2013.

It was a surprising addition to the segment that certainly turned some heads. But it wasn’t the only time he spoke about a potential matchup with the WWE icon on Monday. During a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley following his appearance in the ring, he was asked about his name being chanted during The Rock and Cody Rhodes segment to start the show.

CM Punk again suggests a future match with The Rock

“I’m glad Rock’s back. It’s good to see that he knows his role and he’s kept his mouth shut. Anything goes here in this new era of WWE. With me being back, I’m going to cross paths with everybody sooner or later,” CM Punk said.

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It is interesting that he keeps verbally pushing for a feud to eventually begin with The Final Boss because there are many potential opponents among the active roster. However, it is smart business, and who knows how many more matches The Rock, or Punk, have in them at 51 and 45 years old respectively.

A clash between them would certainly be box office, then if you add The Rock’s role in Punk’s eventual departure from WWE in 2014 and their places in wrestling history, there would be a fascinating story to tell for sure.

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