WWE Could Share Superstars With New Promotion

In something we'd never see toward the end of the last regime, WWE could share Superstars with a new promotion.

WWE Could Share Superstars
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In something we’d never see toward the end of the last regime, WWE could share Superstars with a new promotion.

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Much has been said about WWE bringing in former Stardom fixture Giulia. We also know that the former head man of Stardom, Rossy Ogawa, has a new wrestling promotion just open for business. Ogawa and Giulia have a really good relationship. So much so that, while she has signed on with WWE, Giulia will help get Ogawa’s new promotion off the ground.

She may not be alone. WWE clearly did a favor for both Ogawa and Giulia, in that the soon-to-be WWE Superstar will work Marigold dates after her expected WWE debut (in NXT). WWE loaning out Superstars under contract is something that you are not used to seeing. Under modern Vince McMahon, it basically never happened. However, in the new Triple H and Nick Khan era, WWE is showing a willingness to open their own forbidden doors. We’ve most recently seen Shayna Baszler work a non-WWE event-during WrestleMania week. We even saw Hunter allow Shinsuke Nakamura to work with his retiring idol.

Who’s next?

WWE Could Share Superstars

Now, not only will Giulia be working non-WWE dates following her expected debut this summer. She may have company from other WWE Superstars. Per the Wrestling Observer, WWE is considering lending Marigold a pair of Superstars for their big July show. Meltzer believes we could see one or both of IYO SKY and Kairi Sane. These two members of Damage CTRL are believed to have a good relationship with promotion owner Rossy Ogawa.

We should not expect Asuka to make the trip, however. Per the same report, the former WWE Champion is not fond of the former Stardom promoter. Regardless, the lending of Superstars is a big move and signals a new and strategic relationship for both companies. So, should could you see WWE share some superstars with another promotion?

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