Former UFC Champ Daniel Cormier Says Current Contender Had ‘Worst Call Out In History’

Daniel Cormier
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One person that you do not want to upset nowadays is Daniel Cormier.

The former UFC champion appears to have plenty of free time on his hands to deal with complaints or social media battles.

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Recently, that meant attacking Joaquin Buckley, who himself called out Cormier along with Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen.

For some context to all this, here is the post from Buckley.

“Let this be known (Cormier, Bisping, Sonnen) Ya mommas raised some hoes!!!!!” he wrote. “Yall really trying to twist up my words knowing damn well what I said in that cage.

“It’s ok we can all have some fun.”

Following a win this past weekend at UFC St. Louis, Buckley called out Conor McGregor for his next fight. He added insult to injury but mentioning McGregor’s family.

“Shut up (expletive),” Cormier wrote in response. “Maybe listen. You had a dumb ass call out. You’re getting talked about by 3 of the biggest voices in the game. Maybe listen.

“It was the worst call out in history. Don’t let winning (a) few fights at 170 get you too excited bruh. Don’t mention Audrey!”

Audrey is the late mother of Cormier, who passed away two years ago.

Daniel Cormier Using Social Media To Speak Out

Along with responding to Buckley, Cormier has also used his platform to respond to Jon Jones.

Jones, the current UFC heavyweight champion, and “DC” have a long history together both inside the Octagon and out of it.

Cormier wrote on Twitter “As the kids say, I’ll be catching strays” regarding his comments.

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