What Might Be In Store For With 2024 WWE Superstar Draft?

We now know it is definitely coming soon, so what might be in store for us with the 2024 WWE Superstar draft?

2024 WWE Superstar Draft
Credit: WWE

We now know it is definitely coming soon, so what might be in store for us with the 2024 WWE Superstar draft?

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It has been discussed on television recently. The WWE is bringing back the Superstar draft, which we will see at the end of April. Specifically, the final SmackDown and RAW of April will serve as the two nights of the WWE draft. Thanks to Fightful, we have a bit more information to prepare us for this happening.

For starters, if anyone follows other professional sports (or if you don’t), the timing of this year’s draft is not a coincidence. The WWE draft happens during the same weekend as the annual NFL draft, and the report indicates that WWE planned it this way. The goal is to take advantage of that draft fever, and it probably appeals to the television partners.

What can we expect?

That’s fun and all, but it is not the real twist. Fans may recall seeing all three general managers on television recently, discussing the draft. While Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis both drooled over certain Superstars, Ava chimed in that perhaps some of those coveted Superstars might land in NXT. According to the report, this was not by accident. And the recent appearances by some bigger Superstars isn’t either. One recent example had the Final Testament show up and raise Hell.

2024 WWE Superstar Draft

Per the report, the next couple weeks of NXT will build toward the draft, and there is a distinct possibility we could see a bigger talent or two head down to the black and gold brand. Such a move shouldn’t be a surprise really. In recent years, we’ve seen some main roster talent go back to the developmental brand and get revived. Baron Corbin is a great recent example of this. Further, the belief is WWE may add some talent to NXT to help build it up as a bigger brand. Given the show moving to the CW network soon, that makes sense too.

The 2024 draft is just a couple weeks away, and should be among the more interesting drafts.

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