Shawn Michaels Reveals Member Of Current WWE Roster Who Would Be Perfect Opponent In A WrestleMania Dream Match

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WWE icon Shawn Michaels was recently asked who would be his perfect opponent for one more match at Wrestlemania, and the “Heartbreak Kid” only had one name in mind: AJ Styles.

Shawn Michaels is viewed as one of the greatest performers in professional wrestling history for many reasons. He oozed charisma, broke the mold for what the face of a company could look like, and was a man who could put on highly entertaining matches with any member of the WWE roster.

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However, he was also a performer who seemed to excel under the brightest spotlights. And there is none bigger than the “showcase of the immortals” that is Wrestlemania. HBK had many legendary matches at the event and he is one wrestler long-time fans often wish would come back for one more match.

Before WrestleMania 40 this year, Michaels was asked during a chat with the “Gorilla Position” podcast who would be the man he would like to face if he were capable of having another matchup at WrestleMania and it seemed the choice was easy for the multi-time WWE world champion.

shawn michaels

“I think the one we wouldwant to see is me and AJ. That’s where I go with. It’s also as the more talent comes along, you start looking at them. I always, I still do it now. I look at it like, boy, I can do cool stuff with him. I can do cool stuff with him. But I think AJ and I can get similar styles and stuff like that. So I always feel like that would be one people would want to see. So I think that would be my go-to in this particular moment.”

– Shawn Michaels

Michales walked away from the sport for a second time in 2010. However, he returned for a tag-team match in 2018 that was universally panned by wrestling fans. In that chat, he admitted that a Shawn Michaels vs. AJ Styles match is never going to happen.

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