Miz And R-Truth Create Awesome WrestleMania 40 Moment

Sure, it was not the main event, but the Miz and R-Truth still got to create an awesome WrestleMania 40 moment for themselves.

Miz And R-Truth WrestleMania Moment
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Sure, it was not the main event, but the Miz and R-Truth still got to create an awesome WrestleMania 40 moment for themselves.

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That awesome WrestleMania 40 moment for Awesome Truth came relatively early into the Night One card. Our six pack ladder match was the second match of the evening. Five teams against the reigning undisputed tag team champions, the Judgement Day. Heading into the match, WWE had sort of avoided saying the quiet part too out loud, until the RAW go-home show. On that show, Michael Cole confirmed that the RAW belts and the SmackDown belts would in fact be suspended from the ring on separate hangers.

Yes, there was going to at least be a chance that we would finally see the tag titles be split, something that has been long rumored but a longer time coming. To be fair, this was not just a night for Miz and Truth…but they got the crowning moment. Earlier in the match, Grayson Waller and Austin Theory became the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Waller snagged the first belts, but the fanfare wasn’t quite crazy for them. All things considered, they had more than the obvious reason to celebrate. Consider that leading up to the weekend, there were whispers that they might be removed from the match.

But, the big moment wasn’t for them.

Miz And R-Truth WrestleMania Moment
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Just wrap your heads around these bits and pieces. R-Truth has been in WWE for a long time…and he’s easily a Hall of Famer, if only because that will be one amazing speech.And for all of that, he never won a match on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Awesome Truth became a tag team 13 years ago, and have never won tag team gold. But that all changed on Night One of WrestleMania 40. Sure, Miz almost threw a wrench into things when he leapt onto the busted ladder with Priest (even with the ref telling Priest to not climb). But, Truth got a new ladder in, delivered an AA to his former Judgement Day running mate, and created an awesome WrestleMania 40 moment for he and his partner.

Was it as great as Sami and Kevin last year? No, if only because that just was so much bigger. It was the Night One main event. But this one still was epic on it’s own. The Philadelphia crowd popped big time for the pair, finally climbing that mountain and enjoying the sweet reward. I would expect that this may be a transitional reign. But, even if it is…it is still a reign. With that awesome moment, Miz and R-Truth have etched their names in WWE-and WrestleMania history. They were one of the teams, in 2024, to help split the WWE tag titles and ensure that Judgement Day hold just a little less gold.

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