WWE Legend Mick Foley Reveals Sad Reason For Permanently Cancelling 2024 Retirement Match Plans

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In March, hardcore icon and WWE legend Mick Foley revealed hopes to have a retirement match. However, on Monday the 58-year-old announced that he has ended plans for a return to the wrestling ring.

Over the last year, a pair of professional wrestling legends have made headlines for highly publicized retirement matches. WCW and NWA legend Ric Flair self-promoted his last match in 2023 while WCW icon Sting received a main event send-off from AEW at their most recent pay-per-view. It seems like a fad at this point and Mick Foley was the latest looking to join them in getting a final wrestling goodbye.

  • Mick Foley last match: 2012 Royal Rumble versus Triple H

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Last month the multi-time WWE champion announced plans for one more match with the hopes of dropping a solid amount of weight to get in peak shape. However, during the early preparation for a potential matchup a long-time issue for Foley reared its face and sank potential plans for a comeback match.

Concussion forces Mick Foley to cancel retirement match plans

“As some of you know, I had to miss a couple of appearances because of dizziness and lightheadedness. After consulting a couple of doctors, and also using my own experience with concussions, the symptoms seem to point to a concussion that I did not even know I received,” Foley revealed in a video on his YouTube channel.

“I hadn’t done too much in the ring, but I had done a little bit. I had noticed that I was lightheaded after one of the workouts but I thought it would go away. So it just seems like the wisest move, and one that’s strongly supported by family, is to call off that final match.”

Mick Foley unsurprising suffered quite a few concussions during his legendary and death-defying career. After suffering multiple concussions it is often far easier to incur more and quickly if they are not treated properly soon after they occur.

Foley likely had many undiagnosed concussions during his career.

  • Mick Foley net worth: Believed to be as much as $14 million

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