Upcoming BKFC events: BKFC Fight Night Puebla Details Including Fight Card And TV Info

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Get a look at the next event on the BKFC schedule, BKFC Fight Night Puebla, and a rundown of upcoming cards from the world leader in bare-knuckle fighting.

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BKFC tonight: Bare knuckle fighting comes to Mexico

Following a fight night card in Omaha, Nebraska, the promotion takes their bare-knuckle circus south of the border for a Fight Night card in Puebla, Mexico.

The May 25 card will feature 10 bouts and a card mostly filled with Mexican boxing talent. The event will be headlined by a 135-pound scrap that will pit Luis Rey Rey Gallegos versus Rodolfo Rubio.

BKFC Fight Night: Puebla fight card

  • Luis Rey Rey Gallegos vs. Rodolfo Rubio
  • Julian Fernandez vs. Lino Sánchez
  • Román Córdova vs. Donny Matos
  • Luis Castañeda vs. Heriberto Tovar
  • Juan Álvarez vs. Carlos Giner
  • Eduardo Meneses vs. Cesar Vazquez
  • Sergio Perez Jimenez vs. Maria Martinez Vela
  • Alberto Sánchez vs. Roberto Uvando
  • Jose Juan Lopez vs. Juan Campos
  • Marcelo Antonio Perez vs. Nicolás Diaz

How to watch BKFC Fight Night: Puebla on May 25

  • The May 25th event takes place inside the Auditorio Explanada in Puebla, Mexico
  • The card will kick off at 8 PM ET
  • The card can be watched on the BKFC app for a $7.99 monthly fee or $49.99 annually

Upcoming events: BKFC Prospect Series Denver


On the heels of a Fight Night card in Mexico, the promotion is back for a Prospect Series card in Denver, Colorado on June 8.

BKFC Prospect Series: Denver will be a 10-bout card featuring 20 bare-knuckle pugilists looking to work their way up the ranks. The card will be headlined by a cruiserweight clash pitting Keegan Vandermeer against Sawyer Depee.

BKFC Prospect Series: Denver

  • Keegan Vandermeer vs. Sawyer Depee
  • Andrew Strode vs. Dominick Carey
  • Andrew Yates vs. Josh Huber
  • Cassie Robb vs. Cristina Crist
  • Ramiro Figueroa vs. Brett Hudson
  • Dylan Schulte vs. Ruben Arroyo
  • Casey Moses vs. Zeb Vincent
  • Matthew Maestas vs. Jessie Stalder
  • Lumumba Sayers vs. Jeremy Morrison
  • Sergio Lopez vs. Derrick Findley

How to watch BKFC Prospect Series: Denver on May 31

  • The May 31 event takes place inside the National Western Center in Denver Colorado
  • The card will kick off at 9 PM ET
  • The card can be watched on the BKFC app for a $7.99 monthly fee or $49.99 annually

Upcoming events: BKFC Prospect Series Newcastle


BKFC will continue their run of Prospect Series events to open their June schedule when they return to England for a card in Newcastle.

The 12-bout card will take place inside the Walker Activity Dome on June 8 and be headlined by a heavyweight match that will see native son Paul Venis face off with Bulgaria’s Stanoi Tabakov.

BKFC Prospect Series Newcastle

  • Paul Venis vs. Stanoi Tabakov
  • Bart Król vs. Pic Jardine
  • Danny Christie vs. Jimmy Millar
  • John Ferguson vs. Danny Moir
  • Gary Slator vs. Rob Cunningham
  • Jack Culshaw vs. Bartek Kanabey
  • Adam Wilson vs. Bryan Creighton
  • Stevie Taylor vs. Michael Holmes
  • Brad Taylor vs. Dan Mohammed
  • Marcus Grubic vs. Shane Omer
  • Will Rochester vs. Luke Beamish
  • Ryan Sanson vs. Jeremy Waltron

How to watch BKFC Prospect Series Newcastle on June 8

  • This event takes place inside the Walker Activity Dome in Newcastle, England
  • The card will kick off at 2 PM ET
  • The card can be watched on the BKFC app for a $7.99 monthly fee or $49.99 annually

How much does BKFC cost?

There are several ways to catch the latest BKFC event. You can find it on FITE TV as part of the service’s seven-day free trial (link above). You can also view it by purchasing a subscription to the BKFC app, which costs $7.99 a month. Also, you can see the latest event on FUBO TV, which is also currently offering a free trial period.

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Why is bare-knuckle boxing illegal?

Bare-knuckle boxing was outlawed in most states due to its brutality and the growth of traditional boxing with its in-depth guidelines. However, just like MMA and its battle to change perceptions and gain acceptance, bare-knuckle boxing is slowly gaining legalization across the country and is now legal in 25 states.

What is the difference between UFC and BKFC?

There is a big difference between UFC and BKFC. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a promotion where athletes compete under mixed martial arts rules. So grappling, submissions, kicking, knees, and elbows are allowed.

However, BKFC uses a boxing ruleset but instead of fighters wearing 12 to 18-ounce gloves, they only have hand wraps on their fists.

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What company owns BKFC?

In 2022, music app turned fight company Triller purchased a majority share in the world leader in bare-knuckle boxing. However, in April of 2024, Triller was purchased by Hong Kong financial services company AGBA. Making them the new owners of BKFC.

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