AEW: Fight Forever Allegedly Lost The Company ‘A Fortune’ Due To ‘Incompetence’ During Production

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WWE Hall-of-Famer Eric Bischoff claimed during a recent episode of his podcast that the buzz inside the video game industry is that AEW lost a massive amount of money after AEW: Fight Forever “failed” following its release last year.

For many longtime professional wrestling fans, video games based on their favorite promotions are a key part of their fandom. Reminiscing about the days playing WCW vs. The World, WWE No Mercy, or even Fire Pro Wrestling is a fun part of this unique fraternity of sports and entertainment fans.

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However, in recent years pro wrestling games have disappointed many fans as mediocre and stale products continued to be produced. However, when AEW announced plans for a video game, and that Vice President Kenny Omega was aiming for it to be similar to games like WCW vs. NWO and WWE No Mercy, wrestling and video game fans rejoiced.

When the game was released it was praised for its similarities to classic wrestling games, it also left a lot to be desired and quickly disappeared from relevancy. Along with the game going through many delays and not being the hit that the company hoped for, WCW legend Eric Bischoff claimed during a recent edition of his “83 Weeks” podcast that AEW lost a massive amount of money creating and promoting Fight Forever.

“Look at their video game. Which, by the way, we don’t hear much about that video game do we? Because they lost a f***ing fortune doing it,” he said. “Because they don’t know what they’re doing. They were incompetent in its design and implementation. It failed miserably and they spent a fortune.

“I’ve heard the number from people in the industry. I’m not going to repeat it because I don’t know it’s a fact and I don’t do that s***. That’s what Dave Meltzer does. But if the number that I heard is close to being accurate it was a disaster.”

It was reported two years ago that the AEW had spent over $10 million to produce the game.

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