The Undertaker Says Sting ‘Ruined’ Lingering Hopes Of Dream Match In WWE With AEW Retirement Match

undertaker, sting
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Despite both being retired, WWE legend The Undertaker still yearns for a dream match with fellow icon Sting, and says the AEW veteran ruined those chances with his retirement at AEW Revolution.

There have been many legendary matches that long-time professional wrestling fans never got to see while certain wrestlers were still active. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin infamously passed on matches with both Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar. Kurt Angle and Bret Hart also never clashed while they were elite performers in the industry.

  • Undertaker net worth: $17 million

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Another notable dream match that fans missed out on for no good reason was The Undertaker facing WCW icon Sting. Both were in WWE in 2015, but company CEO Vince McMahon had no interest in setting the match up despite both wrestling greats wanting it.

undertaker, sting
Lee South Sting and Darby Allin vs The Young Bucks Greensboro, NC AEW Revolution March 3, 2024 Credit: Credit: AEW
  • Undertaker age: 58-years-old

Undertaker brought his incomparable career to an end at Wrestlemania 36 while Sting closed out his run in the industry a few weeks ago at AEW Revolution. Seemingly bringing an official end to the possibility the two could meet in the ring. However, it seems that the 58-year-old WWE great still wants the match, especially after some recent knee replacements.

“Well, I mean, if Sting hadn’t retired, maybe. He ruined the whole thing,” Undertaker said during a recent Patreon Q&A. “I got new knees and he went and had to go and retire… Oh my gosh, we’re going to get so much heat for that.”

While it seems highly unlikely a match will happen since both had fantastic send-offs, the pro wrestling industry is the land of never-say-never and the unexpected happens all the time.

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