New Report Adds To Recent Rumors WWE Is Bringing Brock Lesnar Back For Wrestlemania 40

brock lesnar, wwe
Credit: WWE

After rumors spread on social about WWE adding Brock Lesnar back to their roster page, a new report claims there is more to the situation that points to a possible return at Wrestlemania 40.

This week, the internet wrestling community was set ablaze when one eagle-eyed fan noticed that Brock Lesnar’s wrestler page had returned to the WWE website. While there are some questions about whether the page had been there all along, it made many fans wonder if “The Beast” could be returning to the company soon.

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Lesnar has been away from the promotion due to his inclusion in the ongoing sex trafficking scandal involving WWE founder Vince McMahon. Due to the toxic nature of the situation, WWE has indefinitely paused its relationship with the multi-time world champion. However, that may end soon, just in time for Wrestlemania 40.

Brock Lesnar in early talks with WWE about potential return

brock lesnar, wwe
Credit: WWE

On Tuesday, Wrestling Observer reporter Bryan Alvarez gave an update on the situation with Brock Lesnar and claimed “There are movements to bring him back (h/t NoDQ).”

The timing of this is very interesting. There is no denying the star power of Lesnar and his influence on the company generating record revenue in recent years. With WWE aiming to make Wrestlemania 40 the biggest event in company history, adding the former UFC champion to the card would certainly help towards that goal.

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Lesnar was rumored to face either Dominick Mysterio or Intercontinental Champion Gunther at the event. With Gunther’s opponent now set, that clash with the Judgement Day member would now likely happen if Lesnar does return for the event on April 6 and 7.

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