WWE Hall-of-Famer Hilariously Roasts Tony Khan: ‘AEW Nothing More Than A Rich Kids Sandbox He Pays Others To Play In’

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Tony Khan’s biggest fan — WCW legend and WWE Hall-of-Famer Eric Bischoff — had more opinions about the AEW boss in a hilarious new series of X posts on Friday.

It is well-known around the professional wrestling world that Tony Khan and Eric Bischoff are not friends. Despite having appeared for AEW previously, the former WCW and TNA boss has been honest about his opinions of the All-Elite Wrestling product, which has not gone over well with the company’s CEO.

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AEW has a large and devoted fanbase and they often look to defend the product and Khan in posts aimed at Bischoff on X, formerly Twitter. Well, on Friday night the man behind the New World Order storyline decided to respond to some comments from loyal fans and he delivered a few pretty funny zingers.

When one fan claimed Bischoff was not watching recent editions of the show that have been “great” the former WCW president had a different opinion.

“I have watched/commented positively on production values. Creative, on the other hand, is embarrassingly bad,” he wrote. “Poorly constructed/creatively vapid story, AWOL formatting structure, and 1980s style narrative make AEW nothing more than a rich kids sandbox he pays others to play in.”

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Eric Bischoff explains major differences between Tony Khan and Dixie Carter

Tony Khan, eric bischoff

In another post, Eric Bischoff clarified that he never felt Tony Khan was a fraud, but his knowledge about the business is based on things that impressed him when he was a pre-teen.

“My impression is that he’s a good person. He doesn’t have a freaking clue about producing television, and his knowledge of the industry is limited to what impressed him when he was 12, but that doesn’t make him a fraud,” Bischoff wrote.

One wrestling fan was supportive of Bischoff’s thoughts and compared Khan to failed one-time TNA/Impact Wrestling boss Dixie Carter. However, the WWE Hall-of-Famer claimed there were two major differences between the two wrestling promotion heads.

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“The difference between Dixie and Tony: Tony’s father has more money, and Dixie wasn’t nearly as cringe on camera,” he wrote.

Suffice it to say, Eric Bischoff won’t be getting a Christmas card from Tony Khan anytime soon.

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