Former Superstar Helped Get CM Punk Home

This is a unique way of saying it, but one former Superstar helped get CM Punk home.

Get CM Punk Home
Credit: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

This is a unique way of saying it, but one former Superstar helped get CM Punk home.

Home, in this case, is Punk back to WWE. The once-again WWE Superstar echoed the same comments as Triple H from Saturday, saying he was back home.

Of course, how he got here is a crazy trip, and fans have already been wishing for WWE to give us some behind the scenes features.

With the WWE Network not what it used to be, I don’t think we will get one of those “day of, behind the scenes” features, showing us Punk’s return at Survivor Series.

But, considering how they did a Cody Rhodes feature…possibly? Though, in the case of Punk, it’s a safe bet that AEW talent won’t play along.

CM Punk Home
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Speaking of AEW…

Former Superstar Helped Get CM Punk Home

If you haven’t paid attention…and seriously, if you are here, you have been…

CM Punk was fired from AEW a couple months ago. That termination followed an incident at AEW All In at Wembley Stadium.

The incident left Tony Khan “fearing for his life”, which had plenty of veteran wrestlers questioning things.

Of course, the All In altercation was not the first clash for Punk in AEW. He had only just returned following a suspension and injury at the 2022 edition of All Out.

So, Punk got fired, and now he’s in WWE again.

Now, Fightful has confirmed an interesting tidbit.

Bryan Danielson, formerly Daniel Bryan in WWE, helped get CM Punk home.

Get CM Punk Home
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

Because, if you didn’t know (and I did not), Danielson is the sole member of the AEW locker room sitting on a disciplinary committee.

Danielson has held that role for a bit now, and it put him in a position to where he was on board with firing Punk.

Seems like there are at least 2 other company people involved, plus legal, because that is logical and any company needs to cover their butts.

But Danielson spoke on behalf of the roster, and while he (and others) acknowledge that Punk, from the perspective of an attraction, is a major draw.

WWE has seen that again already.

However, that does not always justify enduring the headaches.

Yes, he may make you money. But he may also cause massive issues and the good no longer outweighed the bad.

At least, that is what it boiled down to, which led to Punk’s termination.

And, just like that, a former WWE Superstar sort of helped get CM Punk back to WWE.

For now, all early reports indicate Punk is in a better mood and his return was largely well-received.

Given how things have gone, people will be watching. Are the early rave reviews Punk truly turning over a new leaf?

Or is this simply the honeymoon period?

My gut says Punk wants and needs this to work out. And perhaps, it is an indication of one company having a structure to manage everyone, and one lacking it.

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