Did The Big Show Use Performance Enhancing Drugs
source: @rajah_news, twitter, screenshot

I didn’t ever expect to ask this one…but did The Big Show use performance enhancing drugs?

The reason for this question stems from an ESPN investigation and report into the now-shuttered Biogenesis of America “lab”.

If you are a sports fan, and you were consuming sports-related news in the early 2010’s, this lab surely rings a bell.

Or, if the lab does not, perhaps the name Tony Bosch does?

Did The Big Show Take Performance Enhancing Drugs
source: @rajah_news, twitter, screenshot

But, if none of that helps, here’s a bit of a summary.

While would-be MLB Hall of Famer Barry Bonds got ensnared in BALCO, what came next was Biogenesis.

This was the lab, and the ensuing DEA bust, that took down a number of professional athletes, most notably Alex Rodriguez.

The report, first shared on ESPN on September 13, introduced names not previously known to be linked to the bust.

Which is why I am asking…

Did The Big Show Use Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Because, Paul Wight is a name that was revealed as being connected to the lab.

So much so that ESPN has his image on the banner for the story, so clearly they felt he was a big new name.

According to the report, Wight’s wife was initially a client for some body sculpting, but eventually the mad scientists were introduced to The Big Show himself.

In the reporting, it is alleged that Bosch met with and treated Wight from 2009 to 2010, and that the relationship was good enough that the Wight’s had Bosch and others from the lab over for Thanksgiving.

It was the suggested work with pro wrestlers (only Wight was named) that caused a rift between Bosch and alleged supplier Ugi Velazquez (they disagreed on how to help the wrestlers dope).

For his part, Wight (through his lawyer) confirmed having hosted Bosch for the holiday, but also that he only met the man one other time.

It was stressed by the current AEW talent that he has never once failed a drug test, and his representation noted that Wight suffers from an endocrine system disorder; any use of PEDs would pose an even greater health risk, which the lawyer reiterated Wight did not, and would not, do.

Did The Big Show Use Performance Enhancing Drugs
source: @ewrestlingcom, twitter, screenshot

So, if we take The Big Show at his word, this is nothing. Tony Bosch felt otherwise, but either way his was not one of the wrestlers I’d have ever imagined to be mixed up with performance enhancing drugs.