Tony Khan
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AEW has seen its fair share of injured superstars. Currently, Bryan Danielson and Jamie Hayter are out of action. The promotion’s head honcho recently offered an update on both their statuses.

Tony Khan Gives Fans The 411

Jamie Hayter lost her AEW Women’s title to Toni Storm during this past May’s Double or Nothing and hasn’t been seen since. Meanwhile, Bryan Danielson defeated Kazuchika Okada with a broken arm and offered a post-surgery update some weeks ago.

But what is the status of these two superstars and their returns, now? AEW President, Tony Khan recently talked to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and offered some greater insight.

He notes during the interview that both Hayter and the American Dragon on two great AEW talents, with different situations. He states that there’s more clarity around when Bryan will be back in action.

Tony Khan
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He adds that he’s “very excited” about getting Danielson back. Khan notes that he doesn’t want to place a timeline on Bryan’s return because the injury and recovery are “tough”, but he’s “confident” a comeback is in the cards for later in 2023.

AEW’s president then turns to an update on Jamie Hayter. He reveals he’s “still not sure” when she’ll be cleared. As he puts it, “she doesn’t know” and they “don’t know”.

However, he does state that they are all hoping Hayter returns sooner rather than later. Still, he reiterates that Bryan will likely be back in a “matter of months”.

Tony Khan
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Looks like AEW fans can gear up for a comeback from Bryan fairly soon, while Hayter’s return is a bit up in the air. Still, heading into her Double or Nothing match with Storm, there were so many questions surrounding Jamie’s health.

At that time, reports revealed she was working with an injury and competed in the short bout to drop her title. Here’s hoping she experiences a smooth and quick recovery.