Victoria Felt Mistreated In Last WWE Run, Tamina Snuka Done?

Victoria felt mistreated in last WWE run where she returned for the Royal Rumble Match. And, is Tamina Snuka departing the business?

Victoria Felt Mistreated In Last WWE Run
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Victoria felt mistreated in last WWE run where she returned for the 2021 Royal Rumble Match. And, is Tamina Snuka departing the business?

Victoria Felt Mistreated In Last WWE Run

The Royal Rumble is all about surprise appearances. Typically, WWE likes to bring in new talent and those from the past.

In 2021, WWE was still using the ThunderDome. Although, they brought in a familiar name with, Victoria.

She entered as entrant number ten and lasted a little over seven minutes. Victoria recorded no eliminations in her first and only Royal Rumble Match appearance.

Her return did get fans talking as they were happy to see Victoria back. Although, on a recent episode of the GAW podcast, Victoria felt mistreated in last WWE run.

Victoria Felt Mistreated In Last WWE Run

“I was treated like s— when I came back to WWE backstage,” said Victoria. “And I was like ‘You know what? How I got treated by some of the people?” 

“I will never treat a human like that. Ever.’ I’m gonna be the welcoming arm, like ‘Hey! Welcome to [insert promotion name]!’ If they last two days?” 

“Okay, they last two days, they’re not gonna last very long. But who are they gonna say [they want to work with]? They’re gonna say ‘I want to work with [me].’”

Despite Victoria not enjoying the latest run with WWE, there remains a push for her to enter their Hall of Fame. One of those endorsements came from a foe and friend in Trish Stratus.

The 2021 appearance was Victoria’s first time in WWE since 2009. She sent close to a decade in WWE before departing.

She then spent several years working for Impact Wrestling (then known as TNA). Since 2019, she has mostly stepped away from the business.

She was a two time WWE Women’s Champion and won a bunch of gold in Impact Wrestling too. Victoria captured the TNA Knockouts Champion on five occasions and also held their Tag Team Championship with Brooke Tessmacher.

So, is there any merit that Victoria felt mistreated in last WWE run in 2021?

Tamina Snuka Done?

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Speaking of the Royal Rumble, the 2023 version had some surprises set for the women’s match. Tamina Snuka appeared as did Nia Jax, who was released from WWE in 2021.

Tamina’s appearance did not get a huge reaction, but Nia certainly received one. On Busted Open Radio, Nia noted how Tamina reveled she might have competed in her final Royal Rumble.

“It’s funny because with the previous Rumble, I was not going to come back,” said Nia. “I was asked to come back, and I was like, ‘Absolutely not.’ I wasn’t there.”

“But this last one, my cousin Tamina, and I talked about it. And, she said it might be her last one.” 

“And I was like, ‘Well, frick, if that’s going to be Tamina’s last Rumble, I definitely want to be a part of it.’ If they wanted me to be a part of it.”

Tamina has been part of the WWE family for well over a decade. Although, she was never given a push and has barely held gold.

She was the 24/7 Champion for like a minute, but an array of people held that title. Her biggest win was briefly holding the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship alongside Natalya. 

Tamina’s family has a long history in WWE. She is related to current WWE superstars The Usos, Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

In fact, her WWE debut saw her be the manger of The Usos backing in 2010.

Her father, is none other than WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka.

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