The Beast Should Have Passed The Torch To Omos

beast passed torch omos
source: @uwublonded, twitter, screenshot

As much as we might have initially liked the result of Sunday’s opening bout, WWE got it wrong. “The Beast” should have passed the torch to Omos.

Once this match was announced, the only logical angle for me was to have Lesnar put Omos over.

Especially as rumors of Lesnar winding his WWE career down came out, it just made sense to have Brock pass the torch to Omos.

But, it didn’t happen.

After five minutes, Lesnar’s Sunday work was done, and Omos lost…and WWE got it wrong.

So, once again, I say…

The Beast Should Have Passed The Torch To Omos

Sure, it’s easy for me to be an armchair quarterback, if you will, but hear me out.

It’s widely talked about that Lesnar has the ability to cherry pick his opponents. Some others were supposedly pitched, but he approved a match with Omos.

The same Omos who has been more green than not in the last year or so.

It’s been said that such a big match was also at least partly pushed by Vince McMahon. And we know how Lesnar feels about Vince.

With all that said, as we approached WrestleMania, Omos was shown to be dominant.

The Beast could not figure out how to get one over on the Nigerian Giant.

This was an awesome opportunity to kick start a new monster heel.

beast passed torch omos

source: @uwublonded, twitter, screenshot

We could have had a signature win at a premium event, something young Omos lacks.

Or, if someone insisted, give Lesnar a win by the skin of his teeth, only to be destroyed by an angry and enraged Nigerian Giant post-match.

Instead, WWE got this one wrong and did neither.

Lesnar got a clean win over Omos, seen seething at ringside after taking the loss.

Was Lesnar dropping him with an F-5 awesome to see? Yes.

Did fans get something to be happy about? Sure.

But it was the opening bout of night two of WrestleMania, and I assure you most fans, an hour later, have forgotten that “feel good” moment.

However, had Omos gotten the win? Probably not forgotten, and more importantly, would have meant so much more to a rising Superstar.

The silver lining here? Omos did look rather dominant for much of the short match, so there is that.

But, in a singles career in need of a major signature win, WWE had one tee’d up…and missed.

All was not lost, of course. It was, for a five minute match, pretty awesome all things considered.

Just…not the right ending.

beast passed torch omos

source: @btsportwwe, twitter, screenshot

Considering how many creative calls we’ve seen Triple H get right under his new regime, this one feels like a rare miss.

Or, this is going to be fuel that in some respect, Vince had his fingerprints all over the creative direction of this match.

Because…in what world does it make sense to have an aging, on-his-way-out Superstar to go over a rising one, on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

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