Hour 3 Of RAW Might Be Bloody, Jon Moxley’s Creative Control

According to WWE's CEO Nick Khan, hour 3 of RAW might be bloody and violent. And, Jon Moxley could have some creative control in AEW.

Hour 3 Of RAW Might Be Bloody
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According to WWE’s CEO Nick Khan, hour 3 of RAW might be bloody and violent. And, Jon Moxley could have some creative control in AEW.

Hour 3 Of RAW Might Be Bloody

It is a new era for WWE as for the first time ever, a McMahon does not have majority control of the company. Vince McMahon sold majority of his shares to Endeavor, who are also known for purchasing the UFC a few years back.

It is still early in the deal, but look for some changes. Apparently, hour 3 of RAW might be bloody according to WWE CEO Nick Khan.

While speaking to Lightshed Partners, Khan noted how the company is looking at the last hour of RAW intently. He added how NBCUniversal is also discussing a possible change.

“When we’re specifically talking about the 10 to 11 hour on RAW, we’re specifically talking to NBCU and ourselves about what we do what that moving forward,” said Khan. “We ask, what do we do if we tweak this, that 10 to 11 hour, it is basic cable.”

“It’s not broadcast, as you know. We think that NBCU would be supportive, but we’re not on a final conclusion on that.”

“It’s definitely a conversation point.”

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He further went to discuss WrestleMania 39, where Edge defeated “The Demon” Finn Balor. The Hell in a Cell Match was paused and ended early after Balor was busted open in a bad way after catching a ladder to the head.

“By the way, Finn Balor took the ladder to the head,” said Khan. “At that moment, I was very close to ringside and to see him take staples in the middle of the action.” 

“And to jump up and take up the cage like that, it’s such a performance.”

Edge won the match, thus ending his yearlong feud with The Judgement Day. It also marked only the second Hell in a Cell Match to be booked at WrestleMania.

Hour 3 Of RAW Might Be Bloody Could Help Ratings

When WWE shifted to the PG Era, they eliminated cursing, blood and sexual content. The idea was to gear programing to younger children, without losing the older fan-base.

Sometimes, blood does help WWE escalate a feud. Although, they want to be careful to not overuse that type of stuff too frequently.

If WWE makes the change, it might only impact RAW. The USA Network is a cable channel and edgier content is better received after 10 PM, as young children are less likely to be watching TV.

So, would you prefer if hour 3 of RAW might be bloody?

Jon Moxley’s Creative Control

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During the fist AEW pay per view, Double or Nothing 2019, Jon Moxley debuted after the main event. Since then, he has been their top wrestler and always booked in major matches.

During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Renee Paquette, who is married to Moxley, spoke about her husband’s run in AEW. During the conversation, a particular remark has led some to think Moxley has some creative control when it pertains to opponents.

“I also feel like in the last however many years he’s kind of been more or less like hand-picking what his matches were gonna be and who his opponents were gonna be,” said Paquette.

When it comes to wins and losses, Jon Moxley probably has the best percentage of anyone in AEW. Plus, he has held the AEW World Championship more than anyone with four reigns; although, one was considered as an interim title run.

Outside of the last month, Moxley has always been a babyface. Now, he is portraying a heel alongside the rest of the Blackpool Combat Club.

Currently, the Blackpool Combat Club seem set for a lengthy program with The Elite. Up until this point, the Blackpool Combat Club has been destroying any foes they come across.

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