Mercedes Mone – Free Agency, Uncertainty Over Roxanne Perez

Mercedes Mone Free Agency
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There is a chance Mercedes Mone enters free agency as her contract is almost up. Also, there remains uncertainty about Roxanne Perez’s future.

Mercedes Mone – Free Agency

Mercedes Mone (formerly Sasha Banks), could be a free agent in the near future. That should come as a surprise to many, seeing how she only returned to action earlier the year.

Prior, she spent over a decade in WWE where she won a bunch of gold.

We know Mone will wrestle against AZM under the World Wonder Ring Stardom label on April 23. After that, her contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and World Wonder Ring Stardom is up.

Since working for both promotions, Bushiroad has seen a nice spike in viewership and business. Therefore, they might try to convince Mone to re-sign.

Mone’s first match outside of WWE took place at Battle in the Valley in February. There, she defeated former WWE superstar Kairi to win the IWGP Women’s Championship.

When Mone signed the contract, it was only for a few matches. So, if she plans on leaving and not re-signing, look for her to drop the IWGP Women’s Championship next month.

If Mone does enter free agency, she should not have trouble finding a new home. She could always return to WWE or join AEW, who tried to sign her.

Of course, there are other promotions around the world that she could select. Also, there is the possibility she reaches outside of pro wrestling to enter Hollywood or the music business.

Mone spoke to TMZ and is keeping her options open.

“I’m always here for the check,” said Mone. “I’m always here for the bag, and whoever has the biggest bag is where I’m gonna go.”

Of course, Mone left WWE after not being happy with the direction of creative. She did leave on a sour note, walking out during RAW and leaving the Women’s Tag Team Championship behind.

Uncertainty Over Roxanne Perez

Mercedes Mone Free Agency

Source: @ShotziLynch, Twitter, Screenshot

WWE shot an angle with NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez fainting after a hard-fought win over Meiko Satomura. She has not returned to TV and WWE is planning on crowning a new champion at Stand & Deliver.

As of now, there is lots of uncertainty about her future. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted the issue is not a physically related because she did wrestle.

In the report, they noted no there is no word if Perez will be out for a short or long period of time. The storyline injury was done to cover Perez’s abscess, regardless of how much time she will miss.

Perez only turned 21 year old his past fall and is seen as a future star of WWE. Remember, she ended Mandy Rose’s year plus reign as champion, so WWE sees big things for the former Ring Of Honor Champion. 

For now, WWE will crown a new NXT Women’s Champion on April. Perhaps, Perez somehow enters the match or appears shortly after a new champion is crowned 

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