Brock Lesnar “Finishing Up” With WWE, Goldberg Upset?

Brock Lesnar “Finishing Up”
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Backstage Brock Lesnar has told people he was “finishing up” with WWE. Also, is Goldberg upset about not getting a retirement match?

Brock Lesnar “Finishing Up” With WWE

From the beginning, Brock Lesnar has always been at the top within WWE. Over the span of two runs, for over 20 years, and that has never changed. 

We know at WrestleMania 39 Lesnar will take on Omos. When it comes to size, the match looks compelling.

Although, that is the only reason people might want to see that match. In fact, many have questioned the booking decision as another bout with Bobby Lashley seemed like the next obvious choice.

Now, PWInsider is reporting some interesting news about Lesnar. Backstage, during last Monday’s RAW, Lesnar told some people he was “finishing up” with the company.

There had not been any indication Lesnar is retiring, but those comments now have people wondering. Of course, Lesnar is a great businessman.

He knows what to say and when to say it. Perhaps, he is looking to leverage WWE for more money.

Outside of WWE, there are only a few options for Lesnar. AEW has the money to book him and maybe NJPW.

Still, AEW has never shown great interest in possibly signing Lesanr. For for NJPW, Lesnar’s price tag might be too much for the company.

There is the UFC, but Lesnar would have enter the USADA pool for drug testing. And, that information would be public knowledge.

If Lesnar is departing from WWE, could the promotion be trying to book Omos as his replacement? Judging by reactions, fans are far from sold on Omos being the next Lesnar.

Goldberg Upset?

Brock Lesnar “Finishing Up”

Source: @Bub3m16, Twitter, Screenshot

Bill Goldberg completed all the dates on his WWE contract, but he is not able to wrestle anywhere else. At the moment, he is still technically under contract with WWE.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted how Goldberg’s contract remains active due to the length of the terms agreed upon. Basically, Goldberg cannot wrestle somewhere else until the due dates passes. 

And, the deal is apparently pretty sweet. For the most part, Goldberg’s few matches since returning to WWE have taken place in Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Goldberg made it clear he wants a retirement match. Also, he seemed to hint that he is not on the best of terms with WWE.

“You never say never, especially in wrestling and they owe me one,” said Goldberg. “That’s all I can say.” 

“I made a deal with the devil and I did my job, and they owe me a retirement match. At the end of the day, at 56, it’s not something where I’m sitting by the phone waiting for a call.” 

“I’ve got a few ideas of how to do it on my own, possibly in Israel. So, never say never.”

Goldberg’s last match was at the 2022 Elimination Chamber. He lost to Roman Reigns via technical submission in six minutes.

Since retuning to WWE, Goldberg’s matches have shown his ability inside the ring has dramatically dropped. No word on when his WWE contract would be up.

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