Reaction To AEW House Shows, More On Rousey Dropping Belt

reaction aew house shows
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Following the confirmation that they’d finally be running them, we’ve got some internal reaction to AEW running house shows. And there’s a bit more insight on Ronda Rousey dropping her title belt.

Reaction To AEW House Shows

Now that the company confirmed they’d begin running them soon, we’ve gotten some backstage reaction to AEW house shows.

Tony Khan announced that the company will be running house shows on weekends. These house shows will be called AEW House Rules.

Per Fightful, many talents knew the news was coming. That said, the reaction was very favorable.

At least some talents pointed out that one upside to running house shows would be more in-ring time for the younger and greener talents.

Somewhere, most wrestling lifers are thinking…well…duh. Total Captain Obvious moment.

But it is true. AEW house shows give talents a chance to do more in-ring work, without worrying about all of the added pressure of television.

That being said, it was noted that talent have the expectation that these house shows are probably going to be recorded.

Considering AEW may eventually get their own streaming service, content-even recorded at house shows-would be useful.

The report also noted that talent had been pushing for this, which should surprise no one.

reaction aew house shows

source: @aewlive, twitter, screenshot

Veteran wrestlers are accustomed to house shows. Returning talent can knock off rust, young talents can hone their craft in front of live crowds.

And there is also the added benefit of ticket sales.

While fans remember WWE running hundreds of house shows a year, outside of RAW, SmackDown and premium live events, AEW is aiming for limited shows-for now.

More On Rousey Dropping Belt

The happening was a big thing, and we’ve got more on Ronda Rousey dropping her SmackDown women’s belt.

Obviously, Charlotte was someone WWE wanted as champion. Immediately upon her return, she surprised the world by beating Rousey.

And we now know that Rumble winner Rhea Ripley will be challenging Charlotte at WrestleMania.

That was WWE’s plan, and that caused the change.

Before plans changed, according to the Observer, there was a possibility that we might have seen Ronda Rousey be challenged by Raquel Rodriguez.

Clearly, Raquel won’t be challenging Rousey…and there’s no idea what her plans might be.

reaction aew house shows

source: @wweindia, twitter, screenshot

However, we have heard that WWE is expecting to put Rousey in a tag team with real life bestie Shayna Baszler.

More specifically, the pair is expected to challenge Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai for their WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania.

This makes us ask, would WWE be lining up a title change?

It is possible.

This does make me wonder if we would see heels fight heels, or if a turn for one of the teams is upcoming.

It is hard to imagine, of course.

Damage Control has been operating as heels for months. Baszler and Rousey have yet to team up, but they’ve been doing heel work too.

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